Windows DVR BUG: Glitches during recording


I think you may be right. I just started a few recordings on my windows DVR, then started watching one of them and skipped ahead. When I got to the point in the video that was recording during my skipping, I saw some glitches.


That is mostly when I see problems. I do this maybe 25%. I have less problems when watching after the show completes and COMSKIP completes.


Interestingly if I try the same steps on Linux DVR (QNAP), no problems.

I also watch in-progress recordings on my main Mac Mini DVR all the time and have never seen this problem there either.


Tried the same test on low-powered WDMyCloud 2TB, with three recordings at the same time, and still no problems.

So it appears to be something specific to windows version of the DVR.

Atleast I can sometimes reproduce now, so it should be easier for me to debug it.


Alright, I think I figured out what’s going on here…

The problem only seems to trigger when you are watching an in-progress recording and skip multiple times or try to fast-forward/rewind. It has to do with how anti-virus software works on windows…

@Jay78412 and @Scottteller What antivirus do you have installed? I’m using the standard Windows Defender.

Now that I finally know what the problem is, I will try to implement a fix tomorrow morning.


I am just using Windows defender installed from Windows 10.


Okay here’s a workaround to try. Open the Windows Defender settings, and at the bottom add an exclusion for channels-dvr.exe:

Tomorrow I’ll work on a real fix that doesn’t require this workaround.


I am also using Windows Defender for anti-virus. I have added this exclusion, and will see if the glitches go away. Thanks so much for continuing to root cause this issue!


Here’s how to add the exclusion using PowerShell (right click Run as Administrator):

Set-MpPreference -ExclusionProcess “c:\ProgramData\ChannelsDVR\latest\*.exe”

You can also exclude your recordings folder:

Set-MpPreference -ExclusionPath “D:\DVR”

Note that running these commands will overwrite any existing exclusions.


I use Avira. I just used it because it was free. I could just go to using Windows Defender or another antivirus.


Is it possible that the antivirus is also causing the intermittent frame loss I have been seeing with ATV and not other programs ie:VLC? I’m still going to add the exemption.


You should be able to add similar exceptions in Avira:


Two shows were flawless last night before adding exceptions to Defender, but I was not home so did not watch until recording was completed. I have all exceptions added to Defender now, process for exe and Channels DVR folder, also using latest DVR software and latest TVOS Beta version. I have a few shows recording tonight, curious to see results.


Same, anxiously awaiting to see if it finally fixes the problem. I hope so!


Well I tried the exemption and watched that section of video I was having a problem with (frame loss) and only noticed it once on the current release. When I would rewind back it never happened again. On the ATV beta I never saw the frame loss. So I’m hoping it had something to do with Windows Defender. I exempted the .exe and folder for the DVR service.


Perfect recordings!!! I wasn’t able to start watching any before they were done, but I don’t think that was the only culprit, but something that would cause issues in addition to other issues. More recordings on tap tonight… Will try to watch some while recording.


Watching survivor, two glitches at points that do not align with my deliberate fast forward while it was recording. Exceptions still applied in Windows defender of course.


Please upgrade to the pre-release v2017.04.13.0150 build, which has some performance improvements that should help with this bug.


I was running the pre-release DVR last night. I started watching a recording about 30 minutes into the show. At 5 minutes was the first glitch. I had numerous clutches throughout the show. Didn’t see anything in the logs.


My theory about the anti-virus was wrong.

I know what’s happening now and am working on a fix.