Would anyone help me add just one custom channel?

This is my first post. I want to add custom channels, common free steaming channels. From what I understand ( and please correct me if I am misunderstanding ) Most posts have to do with using Docker to run commands to add channel data with info including EPG data. (or is that separate?) Can I add one channel at a time? I have not seen posts showing an example of this. I would like to try one channel first on the admin page at the add source part under custom channels for the url and epg data. After I accomplish this I will get more serious and install Docker on my NAS to get lists of channels. I would like to take advantage of the hard work others have done by putting lists together that will run in Docker and make it easy for the rest of us. ( am I correct here so far? ) Thanks pete


What’s the custom channel you’re hoping to add?

I think a good way to test Channels out, if you don’t have an antenna set up, or a subscription to a live TV provider, is with a free TV Everywhere account, via a service such as Sling. Adding those sources are automatic and easy.

You can also easily add hundreds of channels from Pluto and Stirr via https://nocords.xyz. No Docker software required.

There are plenty of ways to add Custom Channels to Channels DVR. Docker is only used for some of them.


Thank you for response. I do have antenna setup and all those are working great. Any Pluto channel would be great. I will learn. I have only had this a few days

thanks again--- I am diving into nocords--- pete

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OK, no problem then. And sure thing, happy to help. This forum has lots of strategies (old and new) for customizing things, adding sources, and some methods have evolved and improved over time. So here's the best suggestion I can provide today for a newcomer who just wants to add Pluto content:

(thanks to community member @HankLloydRight)

Here is a screenshot for MY Custom Channel setups for Pluto, you can pick whatever number you'd like them to start at:

I would then recommend you create new "Channel Collections" for organizing all of these channels, or just your favorites. You can put all of the Pluto channels into their own Collection, for easy browsing and discoverability. Otherwise this big list of new channels to surf through can be overwhelming.

Maybe set up channels from Stirr, too? (also easily via nocords.xyz)

Especially if you have multiple client devices connecting to Channels, you'll then want to leverage the power of Server Side Settings so your favorite channels and their collections, automatically sync everywhere:

If you still want to learn how to make your own Custom Channels from m3u playlists, IP Cameras, online webcams, or any other streaming sources that provide MPEG-TS or HLS streams, check out this primer:


Another recent addition to these strategies, is the Kister Method, specifically designed for YouTube LIVE 24/7 streams. You can try it with this example:

Mori Point, Pacifica CA 4K Live - YouTube

With the Kister Method, the URL you'd be entering as a Custom Channel, is this:

(since "EgIZ7abXpUE" is this YouTube live stream's video ID)

Beyond this, if you're still looking for solutions for integrating even more content, via add-ons that use Docker, once they're installed and working, they provide .m3u8 and .xml URLs that you can enter similarly into the Custom Channels interface.

I hope this all helps. Welcome aboard, and enjoy!

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Beautiful ! You have given all kinds of stuff to learn about-- Just from nocords I had 362 channels in about 2 minutes. I just did not get the " right click copy link " I was thinking you had to paste the file data . Thanks again for quick response--- I am on my way. pete

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One thing to add

the one drawback to adding something like Pluto is that you go from a handful of OTA channels to almost 400, which can be challenging to navigate

suggest that you go into 'manage sources' under the settings menu. You can turn off the channels that you are not interested in. Conversely, you can mark channels as favorite or create a custom channels mix with the channels you want

you can revise these anytime you want to refresh your channel lineup

Agreed, with these additions, Channel Collections become a crucial ingredient, otherwise the sheer number of channels to surf through can be overwhelming and a chore. Some thoughtful curating, exploring and cherry-picking what you like, goes a long way here. And the end result is personalized and easy to browse!

I did not know of this easy URL method....I had tried to add my own .m3u files to Channels before, but, had some issues that i never took the time to work out.

Never cared for Pluto, HATE their app... and their adds, but it free thing...so expected.
But, recently discovered that an old sitcom i want to watch, Three's Company, Pluto has it, not VOD though.

Philo, also I have the show "saved", so that works as a VOD like with their cloud dvr.
Philo saves it from Logo channel, and that is very mushy and low quality image.
(Also, main issue I have with Philo app is that it has no way to mark a episode as Watched, and even after you watch it, it still hard to tell if you watched it or not, often shows as unwatched when i know i watched it...so, have to manually keep track of what episodes i have watched.)

Pluto has better quality stream for their "Three's Company" channel.

Just setup a spare Pi and loaded with that url, and it works great.
Looked through all the Pluto channels, and found several my mother would love to watch, to keep her entertained when nothing on "normal" tv channels. Even a few i might tune to when nothing on...

Question though. How reliable is URL Pluto streaming? Do they tend to reset links or sessions? Any limits? I plan to be recording a whole channels for a few weeks....

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Thanks Alfred and Fofer. I am getting it. When I added the pluto, the channels were not viewable on my TV until I went to manage and clicked on them. I chose about 20 or so and it worked great. Thanks Again. I just added the Stirr.

Hank’s is rock solid, no issues with sessions or limits that I’ve seen.

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I agree with Rice, the nocord links are rock solid. And Pluto plays nicely with Automatic Channels Collections--I have one for Comedy, Movies, Whodunits, Westerns, and Live Sports. If you add the Sitcoms Genre to your Comedy Collection, you'll pull in a ton of classic shows like Three's Company.

How long is guide data for this? I am only seeing 12hrs.

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If you mean Pluto, it's 12 hours.
I set my custom source to refresh it every hour.

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Speed , I am very new to all this, but yeah it looks like it's not too long. I am still very happy so far. I was paying 111.00 a month to D TV. I watch a lot of golf and classic movies . No way to pay and get just Golf channel. I like to watch senior tour. I will add channels as time goes but I am happy now.