Would Love a PIP While Using Full Guide

I prefer the full guide over the quick swipe down guide. I would love if the show continued in a little picture in picture window in a corner of the guide. Unfortunately, as soon as I go to the full guide, I lose my “spot” on the show I was watching, so I can’t rewind past the new start time after exiting the guide.

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Fwiw, my mobile devices (iPhone/iPad) are my second screen. I use it to browse the guide while watching a show on my TV. If I find something it is as simple as choosing to watch it via the device attached to my TV (Apple TV). For me, far better than a PIP approach.

I don't always have my phone on me because I have Apple Watch, so this wouldn't work for me.

I don't even know what that means. :joy:

I second this request. Many cable company DVRs have this.

At the very least, there should be a way to toggle to the full guide without having to re-select the channel you were watching.

This has been a common feature request for a long time: Play current channel while on grid

NM on this part of the request, I see I can toggle in and out of the guide.

+1 would really like this too, I’ve come from using Windows Media Center and it was great to be able to access the guide (and check scheduled recording/schedule new recordings) while what you’re watching continued to play.

+1. I was watching TV live the other day and saw an advert for something I wanted to record. I had to stop watching so I could schedule a recording.

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+1 Having full guide without exiting would be perfect. I'm also coming from Windows Media Center. Thanks!