Add GAC Family to the Channels App

The GAC Channel does not show up in the Philo lineup within the Channels App. I have rescanned and verified all of the Phil channels

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When you can stream if from their website using your Philo credentials, let the developers know.

It's not a web streaming TVE channel supported by Channels DVR Channels Support - TV Everywhere Availability right now.

Why don’t I receive all the channels I have with my provider?

It is, however available from frndlyTV that can be integrated into Channels DVR using

I am using the raspberry pi as my Channels Server with a solid state drive as the storage. I cannot find how to run or install the docker needed for the Frndly App intergration. Is there a simpler way to add ??

You can run the docker container on any device on your network.
If you click the link above you'll see that you can also use it without a docker container using python.

Adding on to this thread. In theory would it also be possible to create a container for Philo similar to Frndly TV and be able to use that approach to bring into Channels channel streams that are not currently supported via TVE but are a part of Philo subscriptions?

Not sure if there has been any interest in researching a container solution for Philo to close the channel support gap that the Frndly TV container approach addresses to some extent. (i.e. GAC Family)

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It is not possible. The Philo streams and Frndly streams use different technologies.

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The people at Stremium must have some sort of hacking going on on their back end.
FRNDLY and PHILO are both supported.
If i were to suggest an idea how about a docker for Stremium?
We then get the playlist from Stremium and there you go.

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wish this was possible. but im sure tmm1 would do it if possible.

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I would like the Great American Channel as well. I believe we should all request TVE support.

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