Adding CBS All Access as a separate source

It would be great if CBS Access could be added as a separate source. Has been asked before but never responded to by channels developer.

I’d love that too!

Same with the PBS app and a PBS Passport subscription.

VOD apps and programing are not compatible with Channels. There is no LIVE TV or way to do a guide source. It has been stated by Devs that VOD "channels" or content will never be supported or added. TVE access is a separate thing than VOD apps/services. I do not think that CBS AA or PBS subs provide any sort of TVE access to any channels. The sub and login is for that specific app service only.

They do provide a live stream. That is all I am requesting. Nice to have all channels in one app.

It's says you can sign in with a Provider for a live stream. The app says error. Not at home to try onn my PC

That is not the live stream that Channels uses far as i know. It has to be a Website, not a app based thing for TVE. (Otherwise, networks like Discovery Family that has only app live tv stream, would work with channels.)

Second, u can already gain access to CBS live stream with provider login creds.
I already have it as TVE and can view it live in the app via Xfinity creds, and I am not a CBS AA member.
The CBS AA account is for the VOD it seems.

Unfortunately CBS doesn’t offer TVE in many markets. That is why I buy CBS all access. I would like to hear from the dev team if adding the live stream part of CBS all access is a technical possibility.

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Are you able to go to the CBS website and log in with your All Access credentials and watch a live stream of your local CBS station? If so, it may be possible to add it to Channels. Verifying that is step #1. If you do find a working live stream, it would probably be helpful to post it here so the Devs can check further.

Yep, same here. I get all the channels I want via TVE except for CBS and my local PBS. I have to use the CBS All Access app. Or subscribe to

Using CBS All Access web site allows local CBS streaming in browser. Seems like all that is needed is a way for channels to integrate it into the DVR server.

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If anyone wants to record from their favorite streaming services to checkout out PlayOn. You can record from Hulu Netflix CBS All Access and many more. These services do not work with Channels DVR because they are not Live over the Internet. They are only Video on Demand services.

Spectrum does not allow access outside your home for Local Broadcasters. You will have to sign up with the individual networks to stream outside of home but they are limited also. ABC, Fox in my area does not allow streaming in home or outside of home. You have to subscribe to CBS All Access to get the live network feed from them. Some markets for NBC may allow streaming. For theCW you will need to subscribe to CW Seed. All networks are free with ads. Some offer paid subscriptions for limited or no ads.

Sorry no one responded. Here is a link to explain how and why with Broadcast networks.

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My picture is the CBS app, not Spectrum

Spectrum in my area does not support CBS Live. They've been working on it for years.

You are correct. A live stream is blocked in my area, even with a Spectrum sign in. Says I need to pay for All access. It’s all good CBS has a strong Antenna signal.

On the contrary. You can create virtual random linear channel from VOD stuff like Pluto does

Maybe you can, but Channels won't. Not the point of the software.
You can feel free to use a HDHR Simulator and make your own IPTV "VOD" stream custom channels as u wish. There are some users that do that using various hacks. None of which are supported, but they claim work for them.

Could you finally stop talking in channels name? Unless you are paid by them to defend their stance but then you should disclose that

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This is a user form, where most folks are users that are free to post and address simple repetitive questions. I am simply telling you things based on what has already been posted and giving u suggestions on how u might get what u want, based on your posts. If u bothered to use the Search feature, u will see many posts already of the Devs specifically saying they have no intentions of making VOD channels or anything like that. But u are free to not believe me.

If you want a direct one to one only communication with Channels support or Devs, email them.

Other wise, do not tell me how to post. (unless, taking from your suggestion, u wish to pay me for the privilege of dictating how and what i post?? I charge $100 per post) :wink: