Auto startup on Nvidia Shield

Is there a way to have the server automatically startup on reboot/power on with the Nvidia Shield?

The DVR server is already setup to auto-start on reboot.

Whenever I reboot or power on my Shield I have to click on enable DVR.

Shield android tv sw version 8.0.1(
Channels 2019.11.29.0232

I have been running Channels DVR on Nvidia Shield for about 3 months now.
It has always automatically started each time after a reboot.
Same NS sw v 8.0.1

I don't know what else to look at. It happens every time I restart the Shield.

I Have the same issue. It has never restarted automatically for me on Shield. I even tried Android "Launch on Boot". It reports there is no such app. Interestingly Both the Channels & DVR Server apps are the last to appear on the Shield "Apps" home screen line upon a reboot, as is they are late being loaded from "disk".


Do you have the Channels DVR APP installed on added storage ? like a flash drive etc .. Did you move it ?

Did not move it. It installed wherever PlayStore and shield wanted it to go.

Where is it installed internal or External Storage ? It is best to have the DVR APP Installed on the Shield main storage and the Recording folder on your external storage. Also check he Permissions.

I cant seem to locate either the app or the DVR server ! I just installed the beta - is the pkg hidden?

No it is not hidden. I just did a clean Install on the Shield Install DVR to Internal Storage setup DVR to record on a WD External 3TB. Rebooted and it autostarted no problem at all.

Some have added a Flash Drive to Improve local buffer that is ok but do not move the DVR APP to it you might experience problems with autostart ... keep the DVR installed in Internal Storage.

Where did the app install, path-wise?

Most apps seem to be found under shield\internal\data . where elese would i look

In Android settings under apps you should see a list of apps, and you can click into Channels DVR Server to see if it's installed on internal or external storage.

I think there is a bug where externally installed DVR will not auto-start. I am looking into it.

I did nothing to alter the installed location.
From the log at the time of the beta install this afternoon-
2020/01/15 15:17:20.159710 [SYS] Starting Channels DVR v2020.01.15.0443 (android-arm64 pid:4012) in /mnt/expand/61ed3cfd-a7c4-4b3d-9f99-df7a16d3e1df/user/0/

I'm not rooted.

I think we need some precision is our storage language. The apps are installed on Internal Shield Adoptive storage. Since the app is large (over 1.25 GB), this likely is necessary. But apart from electing to utilize Adoptive storage in the 1st place, I as a user have bo control over where the Playstore put the app(s).

I understand. The OS moved the app because it was getting big, and since then auto-startup has stopped working.

I believe there is an option in the settings that lets you force move an app back and forth, but perhaps that only appears when you enable developer mode on the device.

That setting is under Device Preferences storage then APPS you can move APPS back and forth.

I'm not sure which shield you have and how its connected to the network, but I have noticed on my new 2019 shield that it boots into the GUI and allows you to click the channels app before wifi has even connected, so the app won't startup as it can't find the hdhomerun. The app then get's itself in a little bit of a mess if you navigate around in it.
Was wondering if you enable DVR it might be failing to start because of no network connectivity issue when using wifi. I wouldn't have thought this would be a problem if shield is using a wired connection.

After reading other posts on this thread I discovered that the Channels DVR was installed on a external USB drive. Moving to internal storage fixed it.
I also noticed that when it was installed on the USB drive that I had to click on "Enable DVR" twice to start the server.
Internal storage is running low so I hope this can be fixed so I can move it back to the USB drive.
Thanks for your reply!

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