SHIELD DVR: New "Autostart on reboot" option for adopted storage users

Channels DVR Server on SHIELD is typically used with added USB storage, which can be configured in two ways:

  • "removable storage"

  • adopted "device storage"

    • formatted with encrypted android FS
    • more space for all apps and their data
    • can only be used with SHIELD

We recommend "removable" mode, so you can move your DVR to another platform easily by just moving the drive.

Some users may prefer to use "device" mode, to give other apps more space. Note that when attaching a new drive to the SHIELD, the OS will prompt you to convert it to device storage. Make sure you understand the pros/cons to make the best choice.

Advantages of adopted/device storage

Some SHIELD models have very little internal storage, which can fill up quickly with apps.

The DVR server's databases are also stored in device storage, and can take up 1GB or more if you have lots of sources. This will further reduce the apps you can install.

By adding adopted storage, you increase the amount of storage available to all apps. This also includes the DVR client app, which can use more space for caching and for its time-shift buffer.

Autostart issue

There is an issue on android where Channels DVR Server will not start automatically, only when you have adopted "device" storage attached (to provide more space to apps) and the DVR Server app has been moved there.

In this case, your DVR log will show /mnt/expand in the Starting line, like so:

In this scenario, you have two options:

  • Move the DVR Server app back to internal storage
  • Or: Use the new Autostart option to setup the helper APK

Moving apps between external and internal device storage

Each app can be installed on either internal or external device storage. The OS may move some apps automatically when they start using more space.

To move apps manually, you can go into Settings > App and click into the app. Then, where it shows the storage space used by the app, you can click to see another option which will let you move the app around.

New Autostart option

If you prefer to keep the DVR Server on the external adopted storage, we now have an new option available in the client app: under Settings > Support > DVR Server > Enable Autostart on Reboot.

This involves installing a new background app (called "Channels DVR Autostart", visible under Settings > Apps > See all apps > System Apps). This app lives separately on the main internal drive, and can signal the DVR after a reboot when the external drive is finished loading.

To enable this option, you will need to do the following:

  1. Install or update to the latest beta testing app
  2. From the beta testing app, upgrade the DVR Server app (should show v1.2.0 in Settings > Apps)
  3. From the beta testing app, install the Autostart app

I'm running a 2017 Shield Pro with internal 500GB drive and a HDHomeRun Connect Tuner. For several years, I've been using the HDHomeRun app for DVR and local network use and Plex for remote access to the DVR recordings. After having a recent problem with HDHomeRun, I decided to give Channels a try. After a factory reset of my Shield yesterday, I installed and setup Channels DVR with the Connect Tuner. I tested most features and I am very satisfied with the functionality. I setup and tested remote access this morning with only a slight stumble. I had to reboot the Shield in order to make a remote connection and that is what leads to this posting...

I, too, am having the reboot issue where I have to re-enter my IP address in order to start up the server. This happens upon every reboot. As you know, my system file structure is different than what you describe in this post but I still have the same issue with a startup problem. My log shows the following, regrading the file system.

2022/10/11 10:49:50.697617 [SYS] Shutting down...
2022/10/11 10:49:50.700573 [SYS] Bonjour service stopped.
2022/10/11 10:49:50.749599 [DVR] Recording engine stopped.
2022/10/11 10:50:59.973571 [SYS] Starting Channels DVR v2022.10.03.2116 (android-arm64 pid:7704) in /data/user/0/
2022/10/11 10:51:00.029466 [SYS] Started HTTP Server on 8089
2022/10/11 10:51:00.527385 [HDR] Found 1 devices

What do you suggest? Do you think the Autostart App would be the answer? I don't really want to experiment without first getting expert advice.


Please clarify what IP you're entering and where. This sounds like a different issue than what is fixed in this post.

My apologies for not leaving enough info. I had assumed that this solution was related to the issue from this other post that never had a posted resolution. My issue is identical. In hindsight, I should have posted over there.

Using is still working for me.

Great. And thanks to your topic, and the suggestion from @tmm1, mine is working in the same manner. Clicking the "Try" button is certainly easier than typing in the server IP each time. Hopefully, I won't have to use it often as my Shield is on a UPS and gets very good uptime. I'm sure the developers have bigger fish to fry. I do appreciate their support and also users such as yourself.

Best regards!

Unfortunately, I have to reboot the Shield every 4-5 days to restart the Client-Server. The Shield running the server gets very heavy use since it is attached to the kitchen TV. Every 4-5 days something glitches and the video starts stuttering. The audio is fine but the video looks like it is dropping frames. A reboot fixes the problem. Let me know if you run into this problem.

Thanks for the heads-up. Running smoothly here since my last posting. My Shield Pro is in the den and does all the grunt work. Its little brother is in the bedroom and doesn't get much use. I do use the remote access feature from time to time but mostly for setting recordings when I'm away from home and remember to do so. No gaming on either... just streaming, live TV and DVR, for the most part. I'll let you know if things get worse, or better. :wink: