Axs tv now epg?

Hi, I'm looking for a working EPG for AXS TV NOW "EAST COAST"

Can you help PLEASE!?!

Hi there,
Where are you getting AXS TV i can map the channel in Channels and get EPG data just need the stream.
is the address I'm getting the channel from
I have a station id that I'm using but its 4 hours early! I think I got the west coast

I tried it myself and I'm getting the same thing as you. Using station ID 28506, I'm getting listings but they don't match up to the stream at all. Are AXS TV and AXS TV NOW the same thing?

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I was able to get semi-correct guide data by setting to AXSTNST, but my listings are off by 5 hours. Very strange. Even if there was a west coast feed, that wouldn't explain a 5 hour difference. I don't suppose there is any offset that can be applied to the guide data to force it to match up?

Yep, addressed in the other thread OP started just days ago: HELP! EPG for 3 channels - #10 by Joe_Richards

Somewhat, but not solved. That post was helpful for associating the guide data for AXSTNST, but we still don't know why it is time-shifted (and if there is any way to fix that).

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I didn't mean to suggest it was solved, I was just linking to the old thread to prevent folks from troubleshooting the exact same things.

Since everyone is now looking at this thread, here's an XMLTV file that seems to have AXS TV Now info. I have no idea if it's accurate in regards to this stream URL that OP is using but it's worth a try.

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The problem is relying on Gracenote stationid's when they don't have an accurate one and no way to contact them to get it fixed.
Same issue here Fox Weather - #27 by chDVRuser and here Update station IDs and guide data for local CBS News - #4 by jtanderson
Channels devs have already said if Gracenote doesn't have a station id with correct listings, there's nothing they can or will do to fix it. It's up to us users to find an accurate XMLTV guide source, or just live with it.

Also a problem with three TVE channels Guide Info all Wrong - #4 by chDVRuser where Gracenote doesn't have a stationid for their web broadcast schedule, which is different than their OTA schedule.


It looks like the XML may be accurate. The screenshot below shows my listings with 6001 using Gracenote data and 6002 using the linked XMLTV file. On a related note - Is there a trick to correcting the formatting for characters like & (&) when getting guide data from XML?

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Looks like an issue in the XMLTV file. Maybe @matthuisman can fix it.

  <title>Today With Hoda &amp; Jenna</title>
  <sub-title>Today With Hoda &amp;amp; Jenna</sub-title>

The title is correct (&amp;) but the sub-title is double-escaped (&amp;amp;)

should be fixed within next hour


Thanks! The ampersand's appear to be fixed now, but still seeing a problem with titles that have "At" in the name being replaced by the @ symbol.

<title>@ Home and Social Digital: Wesley Schultz</title>

Are you sure the title isn't actually @. At isn't a special html character or anything so makes no sense if it's replaced

I'm not positive, but I have never seen the @ anywhere else for that program, so I'm not sure where it's coming from.

its coming in like that from plex.
if you can post a screenshot of the plex guide at there website showing without the @, ill look into more

Maybe I am wrong but AXS TV Now isn't free satellite feed?

Gracenote is a mess. Thet have constantly wrong filled data by American tv stations and they charge for acces to it. This happen most often by Discovery group stations which after merger can be disaster also for TNT HBO etc. :frowning:

Even worse, Gracenote is for 2 years available in Poland and I never seen any service that used their data Channels DVR included :frowning: