Database - Re-creation of recorded state from recordings only

Lately I’ve noticed some database inconsistencies. I’m sure these are due to user error, but if possible I’d like to be able to clean up these errors.

Notably, I have noticed some shows which are still marked as recorded, but the recording has been deleted. And conversely, some shows aren’t marked as recorded, however a recording exists.

Of course, I can fix the status of the former and then re-record, however no fix is available for the latter.

Additionally, on the former I’m only able to fix these when a new showing is added, hence it also forces me to check every new guide entry that is designated as “recorded” to ensure that there is really a recording.

Do you have any command that can be run to re-create the database from the stored files?

This is normal, and the DVR will not re-record an episode that has been watched and deleted. If you want to change this behavior you can select the “re-record deleted” option in the advanced pass editor.

I’m not sure how this could be possible.

There is no such command at the moment.

I have some, but because they were recorded on a different system while I was testing the Shield or something similar.

  1. My problem is that on a fair percentage of recordings, the recording is corrupt, starts late, etc. (due to feed from cable provider). I would like to be able to delete the file but have the database marked as unrecorded (or delete the entry entirely) so that the next time the show appears in the guide it appears without a “recorded” designation. Need a way to trick the Channels database to provide same capability as in some other DVR solutions where one can delete a file while also mark as to be re-recorded.
    Also these are movies and the schedule isn’t created on a pass…one can only keep a separate offline list to check when new guide entries are added (could be 6 months before a reshowing) or one has to check every new “recorded” listing for actual file.

  2. Caused by misuse of “mark as not recorded”. User error! Perhaps a toggle…first press=”mark as not recorded” and a second press=“(re)mark as recorded”. Some were created while testing.

  3. Was just a fleeting hope as I am OCD regarding databases.


Saw your response on another thread posted today:

“ curl -XPUT

Which will delete the database entries for files it cannot find”

Seems like this would solve my problem 1 above. Correct?

The entry for whether a show has been recorded or not is stored separately, to avoid re-recording shows that have been recorded in the past.

If you want to recreate the “watched state” database based on the files in your DVR only, I might be able to add another command for that.

If you can that would be awesome :sunglasses:

Solving my 2nd problem by re-recording and deleting the first file.

Upgrade to v2017.10.03.0035 by holding down SHIFT and press “check for updates” on DVR web UI.

After upgrade, run these commands:

curl -XPOST


Thank you! Thank you! Done…not having to check daily will be a welcome relief.

In the future, I’ll be able to use this cmd after I have to delete garbled/short recordings due to Comcast transmission.

Side note: Sure wish they would change our region over to H.264, still haven’t been notified.:smile:

Just to re-iterate, with this addition coupled with all of the fixes and additional features added in the last six months…Channels DVR has superbly surpassed all other solutions combined.

Very impressive for this two man team versus others with many more resources.

Highly gratified to have been a part of the Beta team of users and congratulations to devs for progressing this project from initial Beta to the most awesome, fully functional DVR solution available.


Sorry for the horrid old bump. Any chance this could be done on a per-episode, or per-show basis?

Bumping again. Perfect example was the Ukraine news cut-ins last week. I would like to mark any impacted episodes (only) as unrecorded.

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