Can Not Match Imported Show

I imported the show Visitors Visitors - and I can not get it to match the correct series. Is there a way to force it to the correct show?

You can try adding the year, but that doesn't always work. Gracenote may not have show in its database yet.

You can always supply the data yourself:

Any way to check Gracenote?

You can try searching for it at as they use Gracenote data.

Otherwise, there isn't an easy way to search their database, as you need to pay for access.

Nope, not there. :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks for the help. I used the Metadata Editor

I sent them a note to ask about this show

May I make a request for to ability to use tvdb for matches? Or is there some licensing issue?


It was stated they can't use it becuase its artwork is the wrong aspect ratio

ouu.. missed that update. Thanks. much unfortunate as the data on there is much more complete. How about a partial match. you can pull the data but have to upload the artwork yourself -- now that that feature is available :sweat_smile:

you can probably say, well, if you're going to edit things yourself, why not go all the way and edit metadata too, well, it's because if you manage to suck in the proper match, you don't have to edit n episodes of metadata.

Most software is moving away from TVDB. See Infuse is now using TMDB for TV shows - Metadata & Artwork - Firecore

We have started integration TMDB for movies and plan to add TMDB shows support. It's complicated and will take time.


nice! that's great news!! tmdb is good too! It already works great on the movie side of the library! As long as there's more data than gracenote! thanks!

SH043753270000 for Visitors

This is available now: BETA: TMDB metadata for TV episodes