Channels app and new tivo streaming stick

5.14.1656 is the latest and was uploaded to all the regular places.

Odd. After uninstalling the previous beta, the new one finally downloaded. Thanks for the fix.

Now if TiVo will fix the remote firmware to make Back less sensitive, and an actual Menu button, we'll be in business.

Has anyone managed to get the android app switcher to work? Double-clicking home doesn't do anything..

Using the Button Mapper app, you can go under Add Button> Select a button type want to use> Actions> Last App. Working really well to toggle between apps.

If you long-press on the Home button (the circle), it brings up the full app list. (This is the same as selecting "Apps" from the top Channel on the Home screen.)

By uninstalling or disabling many of the apps, you can basically turn the device into a generic Android TV.

  • TiVo Stream – This is TiVo's aggregating app/home screen, and what is launched when you press the TiVo button. While it cannot be uninstalled, you can disable it.
  • Sling TV – All of the other apps that the system has pre-installed can be uninstalled except for Sling. However, you can disable the app.
  • TiVoPlusPlayer – This is installed as a system app, but you can still disable it. This is the app that gets launched when you press the Live button on the remote. (Oddly, that buton is the only one that doesn't seem to come up with a scancode when using Button Mapper.)
  • com.tivo.tvlaunchercustomization – This one is the most important one to get default Home behavior back. This is the app that makes it so you cannot move TiVo Stream or Netflix from the first two positions of the Apps Channel. (If you disable the TiVo Stream app, it will disappear from the first position, but Netflix will still be present, and vice versa for deleting the Netflix app.) With this app disabled, you can move the TiVo Stream or Netflix app to a different position, or move other apps to the first positions in the App Channel. Also, the TiVo Recommend Channel can now be moved or deleted from the Home screen. (By default, this Channel is always in the second row—immediately below Apps—and cannot be moved or deleted.)

Once you disable the 3 TiVo specific apps, you're left with a plain Android TV dongle. In Channels, the Skip button on the remote will skip to the next commercial break marker on a recording. The Live button won't do anything (and I haven't figured out how to remap that).

I've remapped the TiVo button to be a second Home button, and the Guide button to launch/switch to Channels. I've mapped the Info button to Menu, but that doesn't seem to do anything. (In most places, long-pressing Select seems to act as Menu, but not during playback in Channels. I know you can press Down to get the Quick Guide, but I also often use the Menu button on a Fire TV to achieve this, too.)

Also as previously noted, Channel +/- works, as does direct input using the keypad (except for the missing . for OTA channels).


I think its a bug, and a soft reset fixed for me.

I can't update past 5.13.1926 :thinking:

@tmm1. Since channel flipping using channel up/down and number-input working, Can you add channel no with name and logo to appear briefly on top as feature request in next update. Similar to Live Channels feature.

What are the advantages to this device over a Fire stick 4k?

A current Android TV (v9) version, regular security updates (yet to be seen, but most likely), access to the whole and proper Google Play store, decoupled from Amazon's invasive and intrusive advertising.


My TV kept turning on with the TiVo attached. Looks like a known bug, with the following workaround:

The work around seems to fix the time bar. But the beta version video is very pixelated Now. Ill go back to the android build x.x.23

I found that if you place the device in one of the other inputs, the TV will not power on. Don’t put it in the ARC-HDMI input. The Tivo is not CEC capatible.

If anyone can sideload the Spectrum TV App on Tivo Streaming 4K please post instruction. I'm not sure if sideloading is possible since downloader no longer works. I would like to watch Elrey and GSN networks with this device. My plan is if I can get everything working on this device I'm mothballing my Apple TV.

The Spectrum app is only for phones and tablets. It doesn't run on Android TV devices. (Same reason it doesn't work on FireTV devices, but does on Kindle tablets.)

(However, sideloading does work. It's regular Android TV under the hood. You do need to enable it, though, in the settings.)

Has anyone been able to get a usb-c ethernet adapter working with the TiVo?

I tried with this one but no luck.

I read on reddit that this one works. ...

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I don't see the need for adapter. I haven't had any streaming issues with my Tivo yet. Mine averages 157 mbps. Thats faster than my wired Fire TV Stick at 98 mbps. Plus you need another power source for the adapter above. At least the Fire TV only requires one with its adapter.

The Wi-Fi performance has been shoddy for me when trying to install development apks.

This one provides both power and Ethernet, and leaves the USB-C open for storage.