Closed Caption is not working correctly

On some recordings only some of the closed captions show. On other recordings it works correctly. I have cc turned on in "language" menu option. The problem is on Fire TV and on the Android app on my phone. I reinstalled the app on Fire TV and on the phone.

It’s likely an issue with the recordings themselves. What source did they come from?

Shows were recorded on FIRETV 4K stick from Hulu. The shows are all 9-1-1; Lone Star on FOX network.

So you’re using Hulu live TV as your TVE provider, and the channel is Fox via TVE? Is that correct?

That is correct

I’m honestly not sure where the experimental TVE support of local stations pulls from, but the next step would try to go directly to it in a web browser and see if there are captions there. My guess is that they aren’t including captions in some cases, so it’s not a Channels issue.

The same place as the other streams: from the networks' own websites. The NBC feed comes from NBCU's own website/feeds, the CBS feed comes from the CBS website, etc.

(It's also why some users get different levels of support. For instance, in general your TVE provider needs to support NBCU networks—USA, Bravo, Syfy—in order for you to get your local NBC; Disney support is usually needed for ABC; ViacomCBS—Comedy Central, Paramount, MTV—for CBS, etc. Also, only network–owned locals are usually included for local access via TVE; independent affiliates usually are not available through Channels' support for local TVE streams.)

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Thanks, I want sure if it was a universal site for each network or different local or regional sites.

Now it's done it on an ABC channel. I have the same problem whether I watch the recording on the TV (Fire TV stick) or the Channelsdvr app on my Android phone. Could the problem be with my computer or usb drive I'm using to record?

It's most likely that captions are not in the stream. Closed captions are actually embedded in the video stream itself. So if your recording does not offer the option for captions, that means they weren't present in the original stream.

This is not an error/bug with Channels. Rather, it is a limitation coming from/introduced by the originator of your feed/stream.

I'm watching This Week right now which I recorded off the ABC TVE feed: it has its CCs embedded properly, and no problem displaying them in Channels.

The problem is not that all CC on a recording is missing, just parts of it.

Again, that's how the stream was received. The proper avenue to pursue for this is with the provider of the stream. For your Fox issues, here's their link for captioning issues. You haven't specified which ABC-affiliated network you're having issues with, but here is ABC's page for closed captions.

But it's not only FOX. It's ABC too.

Yes, and if you look at my post above, there's a link for ABC. You'll need to go to each network's site that you're having problems with. Usually there is a link at the bottom to report issues with captioning.

(You don't really expect others to do all of the legwork for issues you have yet to fully name or describe, do you?)

I am sorry. I don't know much about computers. But thanks for listening to my problem.

It is an issue with me as well. Channels recorded and playing back (lowcast and philo) have cc set and work, some time. Local news will provide and freeze for a few minutes and start again. Very bothersome for those of us that depend on reading. I'm running those through a firestick and to a rb 4. I would like to know what I can do to make them work better. Thanks, Jerry