Existing Series Passes Missing New Episodes


Hey Everyone, get ready to judge my household’s TV habits!

The Real Housewives of New York has moved from Wednesday to Thursday. Tonight’s new episode did not get included for recording. The existing series seemed to not find anything for recording. I added a new series pass and it finds new upcoming behind the scenes episodes but not the reunion episode which is usually included in the regular scheduled pass. It appears the reunion is not identified as new but it should be.

Next, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills next new episode is not identified as new in guide data so I am having to manually include it.

Both of these series passes originally included only new episodes where the season number is greater than 1 so the behind the episode things do not record.

RHOBH has not changed nights or time.

This appears to be related to guide and series data but how do we get that corrected? Do we now need to check all existing series passes?


Can you check zap2it and see if those episodes are listed as new there?


The RHONY Reunion is identified as new on Zap2it
The RHOBH finale is identified as finale but was not included in the recording schedule until I selected it to record. If I choose create pass, it brings me to the existing pass and all the details should qualify for the criteria set in that pass.



Guide data in channels is not matching guide data from Zap2it for Bravo.

Are you reviewing this?


I’ve actually scrolled through the guide and there are chunks of missing data. How do I get Channels to refresh or download guide data?


Update to the latest dvr prerelease and click the circle icon under your HDHR


How do I get the pre-release


I’ve compared the guide data from zap2it to plex and bravo directly, the guide data at zap2it is incorrect. So, originally, recordings were missing, then there were blocks of time that had no guide data, now there is guide data after refreshing the current public release but the source data is incorrect.

Plex guide data is correct and when I set the series to record there, all the new episodes per bravo’s site are scheduled.

How do we get zap2it to correct their guide data? I much prefer the Channels interface to Plex for a number of reasons I’m really hoping there won’t be continued issues with guide data.





Um. I’m going to be as polite as I possibly can be here: I’m paying for guide data as part of this monthly or annual subscription. Just so I’m super clear in understanding the expectations you have of your paying customers: if you find guide data that is incorrect as a user of the Channels software it is recommended that we, the users, contact the data provider directly to notify them of incorrect data and request that they reconcile?

Just to clarify my past experience with such issues. Typically, the guide data provider prefers to hear from the service provider rather than the end user since, technically, the service provider is the customer of the guide data provider. I’m assuming Channels is paying a fee to use content from Zap2It. The rich content from your guide provider enhances the functionality of your software. In fact, without it, your software will not function for users in the way it is intended.

I guess what I’m saying is that I would strongly recommend, and prefer, there be a reporting method for incorrect data to Channels, and Channels handle the working relationship with it’s providers. I do appreciate all the amazing work the Channels team has done, this is an operational issue that should be back stage from a Channels customer point of view.

I’ve already spent time investigating schedules, other guide data service providers’ info, I’ve provided it to Channels, and I’m being directed to contact Channels data provider via feedback webforms and it leaves me with a damaged user experience compounded by having to fix it myself when I’m already paying for it to be right in the first place. :-/


I'll let the Devs answer that one, was just pointing out their FAQ's, both on this forum and their main website.

Forum Faqs - How do I fix missing guide data?

Main website Faqs - My guide data is missing or incorrect. What can I do?


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I appreciate your helpfulness! I should have at’d Aman.

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Update to the pre-release as follows:


What version of Plex are you using?


The Plex server version is on Windows


Can you confirm that the dvr guide matches zap2it after you updated and reloaded the guide data.


I have confirmed that RHOBV schedule now matches, however, there is data in Channels that is not showing on Zap2It for the 23rd of July.

The information there is still missing the 7 and 8 PM hours. The 8 PM hour is a new episode, so the following airings are not identified as new in Channels and won’t record unless this data is refreshed once Zap2It releases it or I manually set it.

A recording was missed tonight because the guide data from Zap2It was not updated on my Channels server. I have set a manual recording for tomorrow at 5 AM. VCR style.


Guide data generally updates every morning between 9am-10am. Do you see that happening on the Log tab?


Yes, both before and after the prerelease install.