Experimental Feature: Troubleshooting

Over the years we've collected a large list of ways that systems can be misconfigured that can get in the way of viewing and recording. The list keeps growing and I wanted to start making progress on it, so I've started with a few and hope to continue to expand the list as I can.

This is very new and is a work in progress. In the future we plan to improve the text as well as link to relevant documentation to describe how to fix these issues.

To try it out, update to the latest DVR beta and go to http://localhost:8089/admin/troubleshooting

Please let us know if it turns up any surprising results.


@eric fyi, i don't have any imported movies (i used to, they were deleted from CDVR) and the troubleshooting is showing a Disk Permissions error for a directory that doesnt exist.

also, can you explain why its resolving to cloudfare as well? are you using cloudfare for troubleshooting purposes or does the dvr use it instead of the system dns?



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Cloudflare DNS is used with ACME and Let's Encrypt to provide SSL certs for remote access.

Are we sure it’s a beta? There’s been some confusion about whether the betas are betas even though they are called betas.

While the terms beta and prerelease are using nearly interchangeably on the forum, there is no specific beta process for the server. There are frequently updated prerelease versions of the server software. Whether you wish to call these "beta" releases or not is your choice.

Just note that the server software does not have a formal beta process like the clients do.

Thanks! I’ll fix that.

We use cloudflare to perform DNS checks when provisioning SSL certificates because we ran into too many issues relying on the system DNS servers that would return bad results.

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Interesting. I got a warning for Remote Access. Could this be because I once turned the Remote DVR toggle on and off without forwarding the port? It is off now and I've never used it. [My private numbers are in brackets.]

Remote Access
[local hash?].channelsdvr.net is pointed at but the current IP for this system is [my Comcast IP]

I'll make a note of this as well. Thanks!

I've released a new pre-release DVR build that fixes the issues reported on this thread.

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Lookin' good now, thanks!

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What does this mean ?
Remote Access

Outgoing connections are coming from < IP from Provider>
but the external IP of the router is nil

How to fix ?

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It looks like a bug. Thanks for reporting it.

I recently put in a new router, and port forwarding seems to be working fine, not experiencing any issues, but remote access is showing up with a flag for Router IP of "nil".

Yep I'm getting the same "nil" message now.

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I've released v2020.02.14.0102 that should fix this spurious warning.