Experimental: Local Networks (NBC, ABC, FOX) in some major metros via TVE

Did you try refreshing the guide database?

It appears DirecTV Stream has lost Fox/WAGA (6002) as well. I have submitted diagnostics, f8458ff4-d1d8-4184-aa29-870bd7e28ca6

DVR Version: 2021.11.15.2047

Im confusing myself thinking about this :crazy_face:
The fact that Channels DVR is serving TVE streams to its clients, does that mean that the limit of streams stipulated by TVE is redundant ? Or is it redundant if its the same channel or does it make no difference and the TVE stream limits still apply

There is a limit for TVE streams? I was not aware of it. Where is this defined?

I remember at one time I saw that my DVR was recording from 11 different TVE channels at the same time.

Also, it has no problems with 2 recordings from the same channel. This happens a lot for me because of padding and it records 2 shows back to back on the same channel. There is a small period of time (3 minutes) when it records twice from the same stream.

Maybe you're talking about the limits set by the providers.
In the case of Frndly TV, I now have the basic package that has a limit of 1 stream. However, with the Docker used in Channels for Frndly TV, I proved that this limit doesn't apply.

I just assumed there was since every provider has them.


I think this is what I am referring to. Did you test by exceeding the stream limit for multiple channels or single channel. Isnt the docker still obtaining the streams via your account.

I tested by setting up 5 simultaneous recordings of different channels with the Frndly TV Docker and it worked fine. With my current basic package, it is supposed to be limited to 1 stream and no DVR. No issues in Channels!

See more details here: Weather channel now gone - #24 by mjitkop

I really don't know how it is working and exceeding the limits.
As a nice bonus, my basic package with Frndly TV is supposed to provide only SD quality, not HD, but with the Docker in Channels, I still got HD.

--- Edit: sorry, I derailed this thread by talking about Frndly TV, that's off topic. For questions about streaming providers, please see this thread: Links to TVE Provider Topics

Just a guess, but I believe any limits that are put in place by TVE are per device. Since the DVR is seen as a single device it doesn't exceed the active device limit.

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I've been getting a 403 error on my FOX station for the past day. All of my other local TVE streams are fine. Diagnostics 57d01d74-cbaa-485d-8ac7-011ab760f7a6 submitted.

I haven't been able to use FOX TVE for 5 days now and today I'm getting a new error similar to the one for other TVE channels a few weeks ago: "notAuthorized: 0070-We updated our app. Just sign out and sign back into AT&T TV or AT&T WatchTV or DirecTV this one time, and you'll be all set!"

Submitted diagnostic logs 765db3ee-e27d-4891-94d4-b2dc165541bb

Fix detailed here, it may have been DirecTV-specific: DirecTV/AT&T auth changes - #42 by alai

Does anyone get a perfect picture on their local ABC station? I get pixelation every 10 seconds, especially noticeable on fast moving sports. It isn't a Channels issue because it also happens when I log into ABC, and watch directly. It is the local Tampa Florida station. FOX , CBS, and NBC all work perfect. Thanks in advance.

Yup. It has been this way for over a year. I get so irate when watching a football game and looks like garbage. It is totally something they are doing on their end. It looks much better over TVE vs Over the Air. Wish the would fix it. Or do something that makes it look cleaner.

Try to write to them and include screenshots as evidence. :wink:

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You have that backwards but I know what you mean...

Nope I don't have it backwards. My over the air for ABC is horrible here. I even sent an e-mail to them and the guy said he was frustrated with the vendors as they are pointing their figures at each other. All the other channels the Over the Air is better. Just not ABC.

Unfortunately it seems like ABC has few to no standards for how local stations provide their TVE stream. My local station always has excellent OTA quality but used to provide a TVE stream at 1080p/30fps that looked absolutely horrid... really low bitrate and artifacts all over the place. As of last month it's now 720p/60fps with much higher bitrate and has been great ever since.

IIRC, CBS has had fantastic quality since they launched CBS All Access (now known as Paramount+) at 1080p/60fps and 10+ Mbps bitrate. NBC used to have a low bitrate stream for all affiliates as well until a few months ago, as discussed here.

What station is it?

WTAE in Pittsburgh. It's not ABC owned and operated but their owner, Hearst, is pretty cozy with ABC/Disney since they are minority owners of ESPN.

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Some of my TVE locals that had worked previously are not (xfinity) namely ABC WPVI and FOX WTXF (both are in Philly). Both say “context deadline exceeded, and when I try to rescan them manually is spins for a long time and doesn’t seem to ever finish successfully. I just downloaded and updated to the latest prerelease 2022.01.04.2130

They (locals) won't get fixed by rescanning them.
Do the secure HTTPS method.
Disable the experimental locals in the DVR web UI.
Connect to your Channels DVR server using secure HTTPS. https://
Enable the experimental locals in the DVR web UI.
Your browser may ask for permission to enable location service, let it.
You should see a spinner as it rescans them.
Many posts on the forum about this, including in this topic

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