Fast scroll down ok, Fast scroll up glitchy

I have seen a few people mention this in this topic Fast scrolling up but I am not sure the devs have seen what really happens when trying to scroll up.

I have made a video, esentially on the Fire TV you can fast scroll down perfectly, but when trying to fast scroll back up every 10-15 channels or so it jumps to the grid view (favourites) button, pressing up does nothing, you have to press either down or right to get the selection back to the grid you can then fast scroll again for another 10 channels or so.

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I'm having this issue as well on multiple Fire TV Sticks, both 4K and 2nd gen models. Server is 2019.06.18.0002 on Windows 10 Pro 10.0.17134 Build 17134. One 4K stick is Fire OS (NS6264/1996) Fire TV Home Version

As far as I am aware this has done this on all of my Fire TV sticks on every software version I have had since I started using Channels just kept forgetting to raise it on the forum

I see this consistently on the xiaomi mi box but never on the Nvidia shield or Apple TV. i always attributed this to a lack of processing power on the mi box.

I don't personally see how this has anything to do with processor power, it seems more like a glitch causing the selected item to jump across to favourites, possibly there is something in the fire tv app that says if you hold up for a few seconds jump to favourites?

If the issue was processor power it wouldn't scroll down so well I don't think

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I've seen similar on my Nvidia Shield. Can't hold the button and all the way scroll up, only goes increments.

Any chance one of the devs could acknowledge this and let us know if this is something they can replicate and if there is a chance of a fix?

Thank You

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Absolutely. It would be fine if down went all the way down and then started at the beginning again but the whole jump to favorites is annoying and overly difficult. With TVE there’s so many channels and no way to go back up quickly.

I asked about this well over a year ago and was told that is the expected behavior. It would be helpful if on Apple TV or Fire Tv that you could scroll by page in place of manually having to scroll each channel. Or...if the guide looped back to the beginning once you reach the last channel in the guide. Feature Request Maybe???

I think it might be better for the Android grid to mimic the tvOS version with the categories along the left, instead of a drop-down control at the top.

After recently trying the tvOS version I personally think the Android grid is much nicer and less intrusive for someone who is used to a convential grid such as my wife.

@Joshua_Moore I'm glad you received a response saying it was expected behavior but did they give you a reason why they wanted it to behave like this? Seems I am far from the only 1 who finds it annoying and doesnt see the benefit of the grid jumping to the navigation when trying to scroll up.

Yes if the grid reverted back to the top when holding down would atleast sort fix this issue. For someone with a lot of channels it would be annoying to get to say 3/4 of the way down the page if you are at the bottom but it would be less annoying than the way the it currently works

It was explained to me that it was intentional so you do not have to scroll to the top to change categories.

I use the Caavo remote now on my Apple TV 4K and it will fast scroll up and down. Not sure if this is an update or just a useful side effect from using a different remote. My Sony Bravia TV (Android TV) however still hangs up when scrolling up using the Channels app from the google play store and harmony remote.

Surely it would just make more sense to make it so if you are at the far left of the timeline a single left press would make the selection move from the grid to the catagories?

I realise this is currently set so a left click when on the furthest left of the grid brings across the menu pressing back also does exactly the same thing, but if the left press was replaced with jump to catagories then a further left click to the main menu, surely this would fix all issues and be more intuative for everyone?

@tmm1 Sorry to randomly tag you but would you be willing to look at possibly doing away with the log press catagories in favour of something else, possibly a left click as suggested to allow us to use the grid better?


When I had an ATV a week ago, I found it scrolled up and down find with both the ATV remote and the One4All Streamer remote, I never noticed this issue in my brief time of using an ATV to be honest it was 1 of the few things I did like about the ATV

This behavior is due to a bug in the android focus engine. The code for moving up and moving down is the same, but one behaves differently than the other.

I've tried to fix it a couple times but its non-trivial. I will have another look sometime.

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Thanks for confirmation and clearing that up.

That would be brilliant if you can resolve the issue. Your time on this is greatly appreciate

Is it possible to move the view/favorites option to the settings for the grid. This would not give the guide an option to jump up and focus on it?

This issue is fixed in the latest beta build on the Play Store. (To join the beta, see

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Great as a FTV user it's not possible to try Betas as far as I'm aware. Will this be rolled out to the FTV once people confirm this works im the beta?

Thanks for spending the time to fix this issue

Yes will be released early next week to Amazon store


Superb work