Fast scrolling up


fastscrolling thru channels down in great but up goes fast for a short spurt but then goes to "favorites" and you have to press down and go up in quick spurts to get around this - is there a better way to scroll up quickly- or better yet scroll down and swing back to the beginning

Fast scroll down ok, Fast scroll up glitchy

Better yet, how about allowing PgUp/PgDn or some other key to page through the guide ...


Double tap Page Up and Page Down or something along those lines would be very helpful!


I just switched from Plex to Channels ... Well testing Channels to see if I am going to pay for it to replace Plex for Live TV. It is amazing that I can fast scroll (plex would glitch out and you lose the highlight and wouldn't be able to select a program). I just started noticing this tho that if I scroll up really fast it will do it for a short period than go directly to the top left where the filter option is (HD, Favorites, Ect.).

For those talking about PageUp and PageDown, not sure what you are referencing since this is the firetv thread and my firetv remove doesn't seem to have a page up or pagedown button.


I experienced this also. Must be a bug?