Feature Request: Siri Search on Recorded Shows

Any possibility of adding the Siri search capability for Recorded Shows?

To add link 8/16/19

Understand this request is not the most sought after feature, but as I have a library of over 600 recorded movies (since Channels DVR beta/inception), please consider some type of search feature for recordings.

At least a jump to A-Z, if not full/partial name (preferred and similar to search on new shows/movies). It’s a PITA to scroll.

BTW: As Channels seems to be adding many new DVR subscribers, I’m sure over time that this will become even more important to your users. Would love to see this sooner than later if you have some time to devote to this request in the near future.

I believe the devs have addressed this? IIRC, they don’t have access to Siri.

I am able to use Siri on a “Channels search” for new shows/movies. If Siri search is not possible on recorded media, then I would at least like to see an in app “text search” on recordings by Channels…A-Z or partial name search…a la search for “new” on Search/DVR tab (web ui/client apps). Other DVR solutions offer this capability for recordings and I find it VERY useful…especially with so many recordings (~700 movies & ~40 shows/one time recordings)…have been using Channels Alpha/Beta/Production for almost 3 years).

This is the thread I came across: Siri voice command to tune to specific channels?

Searching further, and I think addresses the same request you’re making (though an older thread): Use of Siri API

Wow. That’s a lot of recorded content!


And I’ll continue to make this request every 4-6 months, as a reminder. As time goes by, hopefully more users will validate.

P.S. Saving up recorded content for our “old age”. :sunglasses: when all we can do is watch :tv:

We use AppleTV universal search extensively - would be great if Channels recorded content was available in search results. Do the devs believe this is possible?

Universal search is only available to partners that Apple feels like letting it work with. It’s not an open API in the SDK that we can use. We’d of done it a long time ago if so :frowning:

Why can you not add a verbal “text search”…like we currently use on New Shows, etc. in Channels’ web ui/apps. This works and is not a “Siri” search per se.

At least add an a-z picker, like Emby.

@tmm1 and @maddox - added to direct attn to both devs

The search widget that tvOS uses is quite obnoxious. It doesn’t just slip into well designed UI since it does a full takeover of the view. When focused it expands to be huge. Having those in the guide and other views would very much ruin the experience.

This is why every tvOS app has search in a single tab. You can’t just add it in simply like on iOS.

We think about every feature of our app deeply before making decisions, and having better search is something we think about a lot.

We know search in Channrls leaves a lot to be desired, and we’ll get it working even better someday. But not until we’ve decided on a great easy implementation.

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To continue dialogue posted today (8/16/19) in “Voice Control” thread:

The specific reason I am requesting “Siri” to be added is so that I am not forced to:

  1. Wait (sometimes more than 10 seconds) for the recorded list to populate in order to select choice.

  2. Scroll for pages and pages to “jump” to “W”

(Applies to web ui, iOS and tvOS apps.)

Hopefully, this might shed additional info that would allow various “Siri” requests to be re-analyzed by devs.

P.S. Now recordings have more than 800 movies. :grinning:

@DebbieFL we love Channels for what it does best which I believe nothing else can compete. But for my stored Movies I use PLEX. However, my movies have no commercials so maybe that is why you need them in Channels for the commercial skip? Anyway, PLEX does allow for SIRI Search of all Content which I why I mentioned it.

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Are you confusing Siri with dictation? The only voice search I see within channels is dictation when searching for something to record, Siri is entirely different.

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Thanks, I have used Plex in the past...just for this feature. Also was using MrMC (much lighter weight and and only 1X cost). At one time on a special offer...I did seriously think of purchasing Plex Lifetime) but trusted @tmm1 and @maddox to “add” functionality to Channels DVR.

I was so glad though when I was able to delete “Plex” due to more functionality being added over last 3yrs to Channels (replicating some of strengths of Plex that I was still using)...however, that is why I keep re-opening my original request.

I would hate to have to return to Plex/MrMc just to “USE” this (IMO) simple function within Channels. I am trying to have a “One App” solution for my household.

It took 3 years for my family to finally “fully use” Channels. Once using...Channels DVR quickly became the #1 App...however NOW, I am getting a lot of gripes about the lack of “Search” (the wait time for results of all recordings) and then scrolling through pages to just to re-watch “War of the Worlds”, adults acting like children and re-playing the same cartoon/movie over and over! :innocent:

I do not want anyone to have to return to MrMC (Plex) and thus lose that #1vote on Channels DVR.

:grinning: Sorry for being so long-winded on my answer :grinning:

Absolutely was, that is why I keep adding further detail about my reasons for “Siri” request.

Originally...and to this day...hadn’t thought to say “dictate”...which is why my original reply to Maddox stated “not Siri, per se” just a search function as in Search for New Shows!

Thanks for the add...really brings this request into focus. Henceforth, I will use “dictate” rather than “SIRI”.

Many :heart: for your excellent suggestion.

CC: @maddox @tmm1

I never use the Voice Search (Dictate ??) in Channels because i don't have that much to search. Are you saying the search does not work for Recordings? Or just not Movie Recordings? I.E. Only searches for New Shows in the Guide? If only Guide Search I can understand why you would also want Recordings Search.

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YES! Only New!

Ah. Understand.

Search has always only worked as a way to find upcoming guide listings, and the dictation part of that is really nice.

My suggestion would be to add recorded shows/movies as part of the search tab, and instead of the heading being only "search results" there would be three categories...
"Upcoming", "Recorded Shows", and "Recorded Movies"

If there are no recordings matching the keyword search then those categories would not be shown.

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BTW: This is a great suggestion...let Search also include “Recordings” with capability of going directly to the Recording!

It would solve the basic problem if dev’s would ADD.

@tmm1 and @maddox @eric

HaHa @Jmcguire525 we were typing replies simultaneously. Thanks to you also!