Fios Login Issues

I am wondering if anyone has an idea that could help. I am currently a Fios subscriber with a custom tv package. I do not get as all the TVE channels obviously because of my package. My mother is a Fios subscriber at a different address with a higher package and gets more TVE channels. If I logon to say a live stream from for example MTV (doesn't matter the channel) on my phone on cellular connection and I use my mother's login everything works fine. If I am on my network regardless of device and choose Fios login it tells me I do not have the package required. I am assuming Verizon is using an IP based SSO that supposed to make it easier if it detects logons from their own network and links it to the current subscribed features (so I can't even try and login, nothing is cached, cookies etc). I am wondering if anyone has an idea on how to circumvent this. Ultimately I'd like to utilize my mother's login for TVE. The strange thing is Verizon does allow sub accounts of a primary account which can be authorized to use its services so it's not like its technically wrong for me to do this. If my mother's subscribed to another cable provider this would not even be an issue because Fios network would be irrelevant and it would login just like cellular. If I use say HBO Go with her Fios credentials on my network it works fine. Just with TVE stuff I have the issues. Any ideas?

Some providers like Comcast have a setting in the account area where you can turn off auto authentication (sometimes called home authentication).

You can also try turning on parental controls which will disable auto authentication for many providers.

Awesome. Thanks for the ideas. I will take a look in my account.

Unfortunately it appears that FiOS parental control link doesn't go to the tool. I'm wondering if it's because I use my own router and not the quantum gateway. Really annoying. I guess I'll have to call them.

I found the tool under manage TV then parental controls. There I saw the sub accounts. I'll have to wait and see if it works. Probably needs time to propogate.

Doesn't work. Verizon reps have no clue. Trying to escalate it.

2 hours no one understood a god damn thing. The 4th rep I spoke to was so combative I had to hang up.

I am wondering if there is a way we can work around this, if its even technically possible to do with channels. Just brain storming. For instance with Fitzy on my phone I could just turn off wifi, authenticate with whatever Fios account and then turn wifi on and still be able to use it with that account. With channels I guess I could connect a hotspot temporarily and then authorize TVE. My only issue is this becomes cumbersome if it ever loses authentication. hmmmm.

A hotspot is the only workaround, and you would have to do that every 30 days when the authorization expires.

I went to the Verizon forums and dslreports forum. Verizon rep PM me. It appears they understand what I'm asking. They are working on it now. Cross your fingers.

FiOS tech support has been mostly clueless @tmm1
After I got no where with them them I went and contacted a Verizon VP. His office got in touch with me and said they will have the developers look into the issue. It won't be a quick fix and I told him I'm understand that. As long as he keeps me in the loop.

I went back to the forums to close out the support and told them the VP is looking into now. Previously I had been frustrated because every rep that responded to me didn't really read what I wrote. Finally after telling them I contacted the VP they said we read what you wrote but the links you sent are for Verizon business and that consumer FiOS doesn't have that feature. I'm not even going to respond because if they actually knew anything about technology those TV features run on the same back ends. Regardless of the fact that why would businesses need sub accounts with parental controls for TV instead of consumer accounts. It boggles the mind. But I guess what makes sense is their support is just as badly educated as their written support pages. I decided to take a look at the support page for Xfinity Home Authentication and it's like a night and day difference compared to Verizon.

Hopefully this all gets sorted out. I have a feeling it's going to take a few months.

Furthermore I'm pretty sure Verizon is in violation of FCC rules since these parental controls for sub accounts don't do what they are supposed to. Especially since all TVE is logged in automatically at home and the sub accounts can only be used off FiOS networks. SMH....

FWIW the situation is the same with almost every other cable provider. They all rolled out auto-authentication without any way to disable it. The only one that did it right is Xfinity with an explicit setting to turn it off.

They contacted me again. The developers have acknowledged the issue and are working on it. I'll post back here when the issue has been resolved. Hopefully it helps out other FiOS users.

In the meantime the only sort of work around for watching these channels is to login with FitzyTV on my phone off WiFi and then link it to the Android TV app. This bypasses the FiOS authentication.

I can think of 2 solutions that would work immediately.
1 - cancel FIOS and get a different ISP. You may get a better deal or greater bandwidth with another provider, so this solution has multiple benefits.
2 - run VPN server at your Mother's house and connect through that to use her automatic authentication.

Actually no one can compete bandwidth wise where I live. I'm running gigabit with FiOS. The other providers blow.

It's not that serious that I need to run a VPN to watch TV. It's a matter of net neutrality for me. I know tht FCC reversed it, but the cable and internet providers all swore up and down nothing would change. Well Verizon is already starting the changes. That being said this change violates parent control rules for TV set by the FCC so they have to fix it, which they are doing.

I run gigabit with Xfinity, without subscribing to any TV or Phone packages. It is fast and reliable. I move over 1TB data through internet every month. Current uptime is 8 months, 2 weeks, 4 days (back to the date I moved service to a new house). If you are in an area where Verizon offers gigabit, chances are that there is cable service offering the same speed.

Negative there isn't. Only FiOS and Spectrum and I will never in a million years use that piece of crap service. That and they are union buster's. They should been thrown out of NY.

I just don't think your attempts to use your mother's TVE on different Verizon account is going to work, even if the VP eventually finds a solution for you to add TVE "parental-controls". So probably should look at different solutions.

The highest quality TV stations that I get are from a free OTA antenna. This allows me to watch sports, primetime shows, and local news at the highest quality. I supplement that with TVE from a Philio subscription for $20/month. I don't think this is a bad price for a lot of channels. And I don't need to use anybody else's billing accounts.

Dave. It will work. Trust me. I don't let things go. Verizon doesn't want me to go to the FCC.

I'm trying to fix the authentication with a vpn - doesn't seem to be working though - would be hard to use a hotspot to fix this with my server