Frndly TV for Channels

I tried a couple of the reportee channels here and they seem to work as expected.
Thanks so much for providing the update.

My problem has been resolved.

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what was the cause and what was the solution?

any plans for plex live tv docker. This would be great

It doesn't work with VLC Player. The Logs never stated error. Only thing I can say is when I slected a channel in the playlist and it didn't load it automaticly selected the next channel in the Playlist. The DVR side is fine. Its just not a automatic thing for my setup.
I created a Frndly Custom Channel by way of text and not URL so I can custom my own channel ID's and channel numbers and Logos.

There really doesn’t need to be one since Plex Live TV can be easily added through Custom Channels. I added it as a source a long time ago and it works very well. The .m3u and .xmltv are in the link below.

Or do you mean a FrndlyTv-for-Plex type of Docker?

Just like your frndly source but for the plex free live TV. Would just want it as a docker container lol

lol. It’s not my Docker. It’s @matthuisman. I just comment way too much. :grinning:

Anyone else having issues recording MeTV+? Don't seem to have issues with other Frndly channels, but with MTV+ I get errors of "could not start stream" and "stream not available." I can watch it live no problem.

Watching it live and recording it works fine for me.
You may need to Reload M3U on the sources.
Screenshot 2023-10-07 at 21-47-24 Channels Settings

I'm noticing that i'm getting server error 500
METV+ and Great American Family.
I reloaded my m3u in Channels and channels started playing again.


@matthuisman looks like they added two channels
They added Accuweather and Justice Central.

@Absenm yes i see that now

The gracenote stationid for the new FrndlyTV AccuWeather channel is 56193

FrndlyTV "AccuWeather" Has Ads and is callSign: "ACUWTHR",stationId: "56193"

For reference, TVE ch6903 "AccuWeather Now" has No Ads and is callSign: "ACUWNW",stationId: "120551"

Thanks for pointing out the difference. I was wondering what the difference was. Was going to do a side by side check but you beat me to it. lol.

I just set this up for the first time this morning, and it's working great (very easy to set up!), but I've found the Hallmark channels are failing to stream. Has anyone else run into this recently?

All three Hallmark channels working here.
You might want to check the DVR log and your container log.

Did you set yours up with the two m3u sources?

The two new channels, AccuWeather and Justice Central are showing the wrong video feeds for me, completly different than what is showing on the Frndly app.

Try doing a Reload M3U on the sources
Screenshot 2023-10-07 at 21-47-24 Channels Settings

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I just tried Justice Central and it was showing the correct video feed.
Very nice and even the EPG is correct.