Full Featured Roku App?


I am just curious if a fully featured Roku App is anywhere on your roadmap? I know the current app which is seriously outdated :slight_smile: does LiveTV and recordings, but it would be awesome if it did grid style epg and allowed for the same feature parity as appletv, Aftv, etc.


There’s an older Channels app for Roku?


The Roku app was nothing more than an experiment and has never been considered a sanctioned Channels release. We don’t provide support for it and it hasn’t had a single improvement in a year.

Without native MPEG2 support, we cannot support Roku as a platform. The only way to get video to play on it is with transcoding, which requires extra software like our Channels DVR server. This means a stand alone Channels app isn’t possible.

We don’t love the requirement of transcoding locally inside your home. It’s why we made Channels, so you didn’t have to wait for your TV channels to start up.

If anything changes for the Roku platform in the future we will reconsider the platform.

Thought I would give Channels DVR a try.... Again

Rumor has it that the Ultra and Streaming Stick + might have some sort of un-supported support of MPEG2


Got any links to these rumors?



There is the first one I found…there is another one floating around I would have to find.

It has been hit or miss but there have been some people who can play hdhomerun channels using Roku Media Player




I just tried playing OTA and PTV on my ultra and it worked… kinda. PTV played without a problem at all. However, my OTA channels would play with no sound. Also, I noticed that the quality of the picture was better than my FireTV.

It might be worth looking into the Roku again. Maybe they’re changing their thoughts about which formats to support.