Gracenote vs TVDB

i can imagine almost all of us with Local Content have it named according to the TVDB since i think all the other media servers use that instead of Gracenote for TV Shows.

So what are you guys doing when Gracenote doesnt match the TVDB?

for ex. the office season 3 e10 and e11, Benihana Christmas, are two episodes in Gracenote and they are one episode, episode 10 on TVDB. Since i am using the TVDB naming convention (for over 10+ years), this causes episodes in channels to be named incorrectly. Virtual channels become off by an episode, etc.

anyone find a balance?


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Presently, either:

  • Putting a second copy into Channels' own Imports hierarchy that matches Gracenote; or,
  • Keeping the series in Plex.

Until Channels enables both metadata editing (to allow for both corrections to guide data mismatches, as well as arbitrary videos) and support for TMDB/TVDB for imported series, that is the path one has to take. I know that both support for other metadata sources as well as manual metadata are on the road, but neither are here yet. Until that time, I need to keep Plex around.


And this...

And this this...

And I'm sure many, many, many more. As @racameron said, we deal with it for now in many workaround ways until the day we can mix and match metadata sources and enter our own. Everything is on the roadmap, but I wouldn't put a timeline on it. One day, it will be here, and will be amazing.

And that day is today, a week later:

I love being wrong sometimes!

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