How do I create Streamlinks?

Hello... I would like to download some of the shows from my Paramount Plus subscription. I've tried to figure out how to do it, but although I'm sure it's simple, I can't seem to get it.

How does it know what my login is, and how do I know what the link to the file may be?

Dan Lewis

Sreamlinks does not download shows ... you would need Playon or Anystream.

When you go to watch them, the corresponding streaming app will open and you’ll start watching it.

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Ok. I saw that it creates a link to the show, but although I can download them in the paramount app, I can’t download them here.

So all it does then is simply create a link from Channels to the app.

I was hoping to be able to download it so I could watch while on an airplane. No problem, I’ll just use the paramount app.


It's a lot easier and more informative to use the app.

In the event I'd like to use Streamlink, how do I fine the specific number to use with a particular show on Paramount Plus? I saw in the example there was a specific number that corresponded to seventh heaven for example. I used that number and put in honor-society and it still went to seventh heavan.

You litterally have to go to Paramount+ (or any streaming service, it is all the same answer) in your web browser, go to the show, start playing an episode. That will give you the link you need to put into the .strmlnk file.

Yes, it is that manual and tedious.

No, there is no easier way to do it or any tool that is going to do it for you.

No, no one has a giant, up-to-date repository that you can just grab what you need from it.

Yes, it takes forever, but is totally worthwhile if you want all your media in one place like I do.

Yes, with new shows you will have to keep this up, so every week with Star Trek you have to create an additional Streamlink. I recommend using Justwatch to keep track of what is new and when so you know when to create a new Streamlink.

No, it will not update automatically if it moves to another service; you have to do this all over again.

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Thanks for the information! It sounds like a lot of work. I think there are apps that allow me to just record what I want and then store it on my Channrks DVR server. That way I can download it if I want to take it on the airplane.

Thanks for your help!

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I use PlayOn Cloud, it works well:

I moved over to AnyStream Better sound and quality.... Stereo sound just felt flat when watching new movies.... especially on a Dolby Atmos system.

...which requires Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11. Great if you already have that. Not worth it for my particular use case though. Glad we have options.

And just to be clear in case I came off a little snooty, I am doing all of this work for our household, so I am a super proponent of Streamlinks. While it is a ton of work, it is the best solution out there if you do not want to store everything local (especially in comparison to anything and everything Google, Apple, TiVO, Plex, et al claim is a content aggregation solution). If you are willing to put in the $$$ to use stuff like PlayOn and have the storage to carry it, then it is definitely an easier and more integrated solution.

The problem with Streamlinks is that eventually they become dead links when services drop series/movies. or you drop the service. ... But Playon and others are yours to control.

I'm writing streamlinks generator for Netflix but it takes me some time so be patient


May I ask (I'm just reading about these stream links)..... is it possible for quick screen cap tutorial for pcbased channels dvr set up....??

if I'm reading this correctly...

  • set up a link to a show (or series?)
  • this would or could? appear in channels app as a channel?
  • or does it appear in library?
  • would it parse out episodes if say you had link to series (just making it up here madmen..) or do you have generate a link for each season/episode?



Have you read this yet?

And then...

To answer your questions:

  1. It is a link to a movie or an EPISODE, not a show in its entirety. Each and every individual episode of a show/series.

  2. No, it appears alongside your recorded content as a Movie, TV Show, or Video. What you are describing is a Virtual Channel, which does not work with Stream Links. You have to use local files for something like that.

  3. See #2

  4. See #1


I wish I would have read up on this before subscribing to Netflix to try this out. I thought that this was basically the same as Playon, but all completely inside Channels DVR. Clearly, it's not.

What kind of video resolution are you getting out of that system?

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It depends on what resolution the show is being streamed at.... But the Audio is outstanding no stereo ... This took less than 5 minutes to download.