Kayo for Channels

0 Channels. was fun while it lasted. Thanks so much for your work on this Matt, much appreciated!

what a shame :frowning: :frowning:

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Say it ain’t so. The most used of all my channels.:cry:

Is there any chance of a workaround or support for this in the future? I’m heavily invested in channelsDVR with 7x Apple TVs, HDHR etc… hoping I don’t need to move to another platform.

I agree! Thanks @matthuisman, it was much nicer being able to watch kayo via channels than via the actual kayo app!

I guess it's safe to remove all my kayo for channels configuration now - it's unlikely to make a comeback I'm assuming? :frowning:

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Ever the optimist, I was hoping @matthuisman's silence was due to him working his magic on a new solution in the back-end!.

Forgive the silly question, is there any way you could authenticate the stream outside of channels and then retransmit it on the local machine as a live stream to channels to pickup?

This is how it already had been working, authenticated via docker. Authentication doesnt remove encryption which is the issue. Channels cannot play an encrypted stream ie widevine. As Matt indicated earlier, the process of supporting widevine can attract unwanted usage.

authentication isnt the issue. Issue is the streams themselves are encrypted with Widevine DRM.
You'd need something to decrypt and then rebroadcast. Like a modified ffmpeg that works with Widevine.

oops. @kor had already answered above me basically the same thing

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thanks @kor @matthuisman, like I say ever the optimist! :grinning:

I was thinking there may have been a way for instance to have Kodi server do the stream, and then rebroadcast it to channels for playback at the end point, but expect that would break some rules around rebroadcasting content.

@matthuisman any chance the experimental custom channel/strmlink feature just launched for NBC channels might work for Kayo? (e.g. still have fox league in the channels guide, but when we click on it, it opens Kayo and initates the 502 live channel stream) and if that worked, perhaps it might work for the binge live channels too. It would be a small win to have a guide and direct link to the stream.

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i still publish a kayo epg Raceday Review - Morphettville so if you can find a workaround for playback - then sure why not. I don't know anything about strmlink etc, so you'd need someone else to help out with that :slight_smile:

It's a new type of custom M3U channel source

I need to work out how to discover the direct link to the live channel (if there even is one)

It's easier to test on iOS. If you're lucky the same links will work on tvOS.

To test a link, send it to yourself in iMessage and click on it.

Start with regular http links. If Kayo has a website for a channel where it streams, try that and see if the app opens instead of the website.

Otherwise you will need to figure out what CFBundleURLSchemes registrations the app has. Sometimes you can google this. Otherwise you would need to check the Info.plist file from the app's IPA file.

It's not an easy process, and many apps simply don't implement deep links to live content so you also need a lot of luck.

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Oh right, its all based around the apps...

I was thinking it was some sort of browser integration...
But seems more like app integration?
Itll open the official app to start playing?

Does https:// cause it to open the users browser to the page?
Or are you hoping the app has been setup as a default for certain urls?

Yep its basically an app launcher, aka deep link

Exactly. More details here: Experimental: Stream Links from the Guide via Custom Channels

Many times the app will be registered for certain https url as well.

On android finding the registered schemas is easier, you can look in the AndroidManifest.xml:

<data android:scheme="nbctve"/>
<data android:scheme="https" android:host="nbc.com/live"/>

usually the registered schemas/hosts are the same between android and ios.

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For kayo you could try these link formats:


Is there a URL on their website that starts like that? On mobile/tablet/web sometimes you can get a share url which will contain a link like this.

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Same time they went DRM they switched to video overlays for their live feeds which start like this


Kayo info.plist
may be the version before last

kayo plist


looks like kayosports://


Thanks. The scheme definitely opens the app. I am testing on iOS before going to tvOS.
However I haven't been able to directly open a certain page or stream
I have tried all the variations such as event, live etc. I can even see the reference to the event-centre in the inspector.

Is there a trick to finding the page url ?

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