New to Channels: Requests & Thoughts!

I have two 4tuner hdhruns and my antenna has two coax outputs. Before that antenna I used a good quality one to two splitter. Your reception quality will determine if you can use a splitter but I doubt you’ll have a problem unless you use a 1to 4 or more splitter

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Another question:

Is there a reboot server option if things are wacky and you are away (not on the LAN)?

What's a good 1to2? I too have a 4x HDHR and may grab another.

I had good success with BAMF 2 way. Like 10 bucks. No reboot button. The software is very robust and stable. You could setup a vpn and ssh in and run a reboot command if you are really worried about it

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I'll link to a post that I made about this topic. Hope it helps. Happy to help answer questions, I used to be a cable technician back in the day...

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This is already a feature request. Devs don't see a reason to restart server.

You can use this command

systemctl restart channels-dvr

sudo systemctl restart channels-dvr

curl -XPUT

This has been brought up MANY times. In MANY threads. The only "solution" is use PiP. I hate PiP. I often cant exit pip with remote and get frustrated and restart my box. FUCK PiP!

Short answer is its not going to happen. My theory is probably requires a lot of work to do since it wasn't implemented from beginning. That or devs just like crushing dreams.

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You can also use Quick Guide to see a banner of thumbnails of what else is on, while watching something else.

I happen to really like PiP too though. At least on AppleTV, with the new Siri Remote.

Quick guide is a good feature. But it doesn't quiet provide "Channel Surfing" experience.

Growing up (from teens forward) I always had TV guide open surfing channels with a background TV show playing. This is something Channels cannot do.

Ive made my peace not having this feature is. I am just not allowed to watch TV and view guide at same time
Nope i have not made peace. . . @maddox PLEASE!!!!! Figure out how to make TV guide with live playback. Pretty pretty please with cherries on top.


Yes but it satisfies the request as communicated by the OP:

As far as PIP goes:

I'm not sure what difficulty you're having with PIP that's forcing you to restart the box or avoid using it entirely. I use PIP everyday and it works well for me, all things considered. Would a full background player be nice too? Sure. And the developers know this. But I don't think haranguing them about it further will get that type of feature here any faster.

Not the same situation for me, but for some reason I always have to reload the dashboard after initially opening to get activity to show. Win10 server, usually update to the latest beta 3-4 times a week if possible.

Because he once said he would never drink the apple kool aid. You know, people like that don’t fall for expensive garbage.

Us kool aid drinkers just have to suffer with working pip and other things that simply work :man_shrugging:t2:

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If you really want to have a "Quick guide" to see when watching live tv, then you're only option is to do the m3u exports thing, import that as a tuner for Emby and use Emby as your main playback app instead.

Otherwise, just use a secondary device like a phone or tablet with the Channels app, to view the guide while your main tv is playing live.

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I was going to suggest this, too. It took me a long time to realize I could do this, and now I no longer feel like I need to be able to view the guide and a live video at the same time on the same device.

I haven't needed a Reboot server option/button but I do have to use it fairly often with Emby. I seem to get a decent amount of tuner locks with it unfortunately.

I edited my original post. I was speaking specifically about my Android phone. Android TV is great. The PiP option on Android works O.K. but I feel it would be much better if the button for it was larger or placed in a spot that was easier to hit.

Am I correct that with tuner sharing off, if I have 3 TV's or devices trying to watch the game on ABC and there are only 2 ATSC3 tuners on the HDHR that the 3rd device either won't be able to tune in or will be diverted back to the ATSC1 tuner?

I will have to play with the Tuner Sharing option a bit and see how it plays out. I will probably have to pick up another HDHR though so I have more than 2 ATSC3 tuners available at any given time!


Ok for me I'll have to enable it :slight_smile:

Totally! We're just not used to that kind of tight integration, I suppose. Navigating the guide on a mobile device and then tapping its screen to change the channel on the TV or to play any recording from your library there, is elegant and cool. Super convenient!

Kind of a game-changer innovation that not enough people know about, really.

This is something I expected, the day they announced tvOS. Integration between devices and platforms that "only apple could do", and 7 years later, nope. It's so sad.