Restart Server Option

Would it be possible to have a "restart server" button next to the "check for updates"? That way we can restart the server remotely if there was a tuner left on or something?

Is there no restart/shutdown server option?

I need to reboot the computer it is on inorder to apply settings?

It running on Linux.

Use whichever service manager your distro uses. For most modern distros, this is usually systemctl [start|stop|restart] channels-dvr

What settings?

To restart/shutdown the server.....I have such option in the server dashboard with Emby or PLex.

This has been added in the latest build.

I am on the latest build running on Synology. Where is this setting?

I have been using this and would be nice to have it on the menu (was thinking under my login).

curl -XPUT

It shows up next to the "Waiting to upgrade" message.

Will it show up even if you are not waiting for upgrade ?

One of my servers is running 26.1839 and it is "Waiting to Upgrade" and has a link for "Upgrade Now". My other server was already upgraded to 28.1248 and it only says Check for Update.

In the past the only reason for me doing a restart is to apply the upgrade. Now with "Upgrade Now" I would not need it. But if there was another reason to restart the DVR Server it would be convenient to have a option. I think I may have restarted "once" in the past but forgot the reason. Maybe it was a bug and needed to do that to get the new version to install (pretty sure that was it). I did the restart in the Synology interface.

I am on latest build 2019.09.23.2227.
Check for updates says Up to date!
Dont see any option.

The restart is only for when an update has already been downloaded but not yet restarted to be applied.

If you need to just stop or restart the server, you still need to use your OS's native process management interface.

How do you do that in Linux Mint?
from what i read, Linux has no restart command for its terminal.
also dont see restart option in its task manager

Can you please explain what you're trying to do? Why do you need to restart the DVR server??

You can type the following to shutdown:

systemctl stop channels-dvr

or to restart:

systemctl restart channels-dvr

I had tried that but for some reason, it did not recognize systemctl

need to restart server to affect changes for things i was testing, like why the DVR padding is not being honored in the app. on the web page when u set it does., but not apps.

Restarting the DVR is not required for any settings changes. It will not make any difference.

Probably you need to use sudo, like sudo systemctl restart channels-dvr

Or you can run:

curl -XPUT

If your system isn't using systemd for process management, it's probably using SysV init scripts. Try service channels-dvr [start|stop|restart] instead.

Also, make sure you run the commands as root.

the systemctl did work this time to stop and start. thanks.
did not need root or sudu to work.

Hello. I wonder if there’s a way to schedule daily or periodic restarts of Channels DVR Server. I’d really love it if I could restart only Channels DVR Server, not the entire computer. How can I do this? If it isn’t currently possible, can you please advise if there’s a setting, config file or Terminal command line to do this?

I’m finding that my DVR Server can’t run with stability for days on end; after a couple days, I receive TVE errors that a stream isn’t available, which requires me to restart my computer. I’ve “automated” periodic restart of the Channels DVR Server by scheduling a daily system restart in System Preferences Energy Saver of my Apple Silicon M1 Mac mini.

Thank you so much.

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Love this idea!