NFL Network Stream not found & unsupported encryption method

Two servers on latest prerelease v2023.09.04.0105.
I can auth and stream at NFL Network | Watch Live Football Games & Events |

2023/09/03 18:22:37.120685 [TNR] Opened connection to TVE-Comcast_SSO for ch6192 NFL
2023/09/03 18:22:37.121514 [HLS] Starting live stream for channel 6192 from (bitrate=5000)
2023/09/03 18:22:37.738381 [HLS] ffmpeg: ch6192-dANY-ip172.18.0.1-remux:  Output file #0 does not contain any stream
2023/09/03 18:22:37.794906 [HLS] Couldn't generate stream playlist for ch6192-dANY-ip172.18.0.1: Stream stopped
2023/09/03 18:22:37.795011 [HLS] Stopping transcoder session ch6192-dANY-ip172.18.0.1
2023/09/03 18:22:37.796049 [TNR] Closed connection to TVE-Comcast_SSO for ch6192 NFL
2023/09/03 18:22:37.796145 [ERR] Probe failed for live stream after 674.187626ms and 0 bytes

Logs have been submitted as c7e4adea-9183-4c9d-a14e-91ea4c9cb93c
Logs have been submitted as ff28b9c4-346f-4b9b-affd-debfeef1c03d

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Same here…

Just tried recording the channel to see what the error is.

2023/09/03 20:07:21.976169 [DVR] Error running job 1693796838-ch6192 NFL Football: Failed to download segment 14: ... Unsupported encryption method: SAMPLE-AES

Logs have been submitted as 0545436c-9da1-4be0-9af3-28e4f2cd9d08


Ouch. Another one bites the dust.

Will RedZone be the same?

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And this is why I'm keeping multiple backup options around! I added the below to Chrome Capture for Channels and it is streaming basically fine:

#EXTINF:-1 channel-id="NFL Network",NFL Network

This one was a little more annoying than PBS Kids because I had some passes that specifically dealt with Ch6192, but that was my own decision for how I'm dealing with Station numbers.

Although I don't have it set up, I know that you could also use HDMI for Channels / ADBTuner instead of CC4C, if you have/desire the hardware setup. I'm sure the performance will be better, in either case.

Seems that NFL Network and Redzone pull this at the beginning of every football season.

need to get the video in full screen otherwise this works.

My TVE NFL Network stream is back to working!?!

Not sure what changed. :crossed_fingers:t3: for RedZone on Sunday.


Xfinity stream is also working:

Yep. It's working again.

2023/09/08 13:07:53.947760 [TNR] Opened connection to TVE-Comcast_SSO for ch6192 NFL
2023/09/08 13:07:53.948616 [HLS] Starting live stream for channel 6192 from (bitrate=5000)
2023/09/08 13:07:55.436514 [HLS] Probed live stream in 1.487452721s: h264 1280x720 progressive 4936556bps

Can we get the channel added back again?

It does not even come up on my XFINITY to be Scanned. Totally Gone.

Load the old stable version



working for me with DTV Stream

And it's back again (for how long this time?)

Working on Spectrum. Hopefully it lasts since I can't get MNF. I will have to watch the replay, hopefully no spoilers!

Working here on CoxTVE

HULU Live TV is showing NFL network here.
working last i checked.

Nice to see NFLN working again. At least we have options when it doesn't tho

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