PBS Kids now DRM?

Looks like it

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Not sure, but the live stream on their site loads fine after a 30 sec add about the PBS kids app. But only in FireFox. I just get spinning circle in Chrome.

The OTA channel is working fine, no DRM...yet. (ATSC 3.0 just launched in my area) and TPT/PBS was down/temp antenna for the last several weeks as they upgrade their antenna.

The site streams for me in Edge and Firefox, but gives an error using Brave.
Using Network Inspector in Firefox is what lead me to ask the question.

PBS Kids 3.5 is still working for me in my area.

Thats OTA channel, this thread is about the TVE channel, 6777. Does that channel work for you?

I added the below to Chrome Capture for Channels and it seems like a viable workaround for me!

#EXTINF:-1 channel-id="PBS Kids",PBS Kids

They keep trying to screw us with DRM, and we keep getting around them!