Pluto TV and Stirr

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Someone recently commented on a post in YouTube that Channels support integrating Pluto TV and Stirr. I've done a quick search on the forums, and it looks like they are not currently supported. Am I correct?




Where was the post?

See Richard's reply to my post to this YouTube video...

You're in the discussion sub-forum whose topic is the new feature that makes this integration possible:

Okay. This looks too technical for me. If it were w as easy as adding a source, I’d try it.

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No need to setup Docker for Pluto, it just adds some features, but isn't needed..

For Stirr the links are:


Has anyone been able to find an m3u for Xumo?

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No m3u for xumo, but you can try:

It's in early beta and has some issues (streams on-demand for some channels instead of live TV).


I have pluto working using the docker image that puts those channels onto the 9000 range. What channel range does stirr show up in the guide with?

Thanks so much @scottuf! The below worked great! Unbelievable. All in one guide/app!

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I'm seeing almost always this alert (Interrupted) for shows I DVR on Pluto TV. I realize this is a beta but wondering if this is normal? The limited skimming of the recordings looks like it hasn't been interrupted.

Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 12.22.20 PM

That usually happens with an interrupt to the internet connection. It can happen real quick and you might not even notice it when watching.

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The interrupted problem is because of the techzyon m3u. If you share these Pluto m3u playlists with other people, it causes conflicts and stream disconnections.

The steams have unique identifiers in them. With everyone using the same one, the Pluto servers don’t love it.

This is one of the things that the pluto-for-channels project corrects.


So this doesn't work on Android?

I haven't researched the differences in channels available from Pluto or Stirr yet but is there a similar Docker planned for Stirr to avoid the issues?

maddox's answer to that question is here: BETA: Custom Channels via M3U Playlists

Thanks @Macnbaish! I THOUGHT that I had set that up correctly, but I think I missed the epg file. I have it up and running now.

Another dumb question. Maybe for @maddox - What is the best way to keep the docker image up to date? I don't believe it can update itself, right? How will I know if a newer version is released?

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I signed up for a github account and am watching that project. I'll get an email notification when it's updated.

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If you go to the pluto-for-channels page in your docker (http://xxx:8080) it will show the current version and latest version.