Pluto TV and Stirr

May I inquire as to the latest xml/m3u links for Pluto?
I’m 90% of way there as I explore this new function (to me).. been watching Pluto and experimenting with settings (call it Pluto 2/ Pluto 3)... to see what is best settings... both yield 256 channels... one does not give individual shows but rather channel name across guide, other does show the shows but needs to be re downloaded every day... yes in settings I have tried refresh every day, 12 hours, 6 hrs and even 3 no avail... I saw others getting more than 256... so I, thinking there is a url update? Simply running dvr on windows mini pc ...

Cant say enough about channels and this group and tech support over past 2 years!

Appreciate any tips.....

Ps anyone figured out how to creat channel from ring doorbell and or wyze camera?

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Man. This stuff is cool...


Any plans to setup a project like this for Stirr?

Done! Stirr for Channels

It looks like Cloudflare’s blocking my IP address’s connections to Techzyon. I’m assuming there were too many requests within a given period of time at some point and for some reason.

Has anyone else run into this before?

Yes, very many have reported such problems -- those Techzyon URLs are shared links, and they shut down from too many concurrent users quite frequently -- which helps explain why that's not a recommended way to get Stirr content into Channels DVR.

Use robbiet480's great new docker solution instead, mentioned just above your post: [RELEASE] Stirr for Channels

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Got it, thanks. Bad/lazy searching on my part, clearly. :slight_smile:

I’ll check out the docker solution. May be more effort than I’m willing to extend given how little I use Pluto/Stirr, but might be fun to tinker with it in any case!

Yeah same thing happened to me about 3 days ago.
Streams rejected I found these

The channels work great and appear stable....
But the guide is hit or miss. I’ve tried 3/6hrs now gonna try 12 hrs for update....

Today nice quest weekend I believe I will attempt docker solution....but I have small windows mini pc dedicated to this works great plus use as back up pc...

Love channels! Support and community are really top notch....


Forgive my noob-ness, but how do you set the stirr_station_id environment variable?

Let’s keep these kind of requests to the main thread, thanks

Anyone have any info on this error?

Pluto STIRR we’re working awesome then this happened..
Trying to get back to it but still get the above error…
Just wondering…
Thanks in advance

First hit in Google:

The error messages that start with 1xxx refer to connection problems on sites that use the Cloudflare proxy. One of them is the Error 1020 Access Denied. This indicates that you've violated a firewall rule and your request is blocked.

Hi do you think you could help me how to instal without a Docker. I cannot intel as i have a later computer version.Thanks:)

My Pluto and Stirr guide (working with Raspberry PI and Docker) stopped working. I checked IP addresses and ports, and then entered the links directly into a browser and was able to pull all channels and guide info from docker--so the links and the IP addresses are correct. Any ideas what may be going wrong?

Check dvr log for error message

Ok--here is an error I am getting. Not sure why since the links work when I test them directly.

2021/09/22 18:04:25.880038 [ERR] Failed to request m3u for PLUTO: Get "": context deadline exceeded (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)

This indicates the Pluto Docker is not responding. You can confirm by trying to load the URLs in a web browser.

Generally isolated incidents like that are gone after a reboot. Did you reboot the device?

Seems it will list channels but no guide data

Things have moved on in 2 years.
See these threads

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