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Unable to authenticate with TVE via channels. I can do it via their website. But when I try to add source I get the error

Email us the logs

Just sent over log

Not seeing anything on [email protected]

Sent to wrong email. Check again.

Did you see anything in the logs?

Are there particular settings I need to disable/enable on chrome browser?

I installed in another computer and it is working. We can close this issue.

What version of Chrome on each computer?

I subscribe to SNY and can confirm that I can watch NY Mets games live using the NBC Sports App. But when I enter my Optimum login using TV anywhere, it says "no login form found" under SNY channel 6162 and doesn't seem to find a NBC Sports app to attempt to login. Please help as this is the only channel missing from my dvr!

Hi - trying to add Optimum and stuck on "Verifying login on Optimum". Any known issue?

Here's from the log:
2021/01/04 15:59:26.928688 [TVE] Auth starting for Cablevision as XXX
2021/01/04 15:59:26.928688 [TVE] action=auth mvpd=Cablevision requestor=ABC

Did you run apt-get install chromium-browser or equivalent for your OS?

No, using Windows with Chrome...

Okay then did you install Chrome to your C: drive?

Hard to say anything from two lines of the log. If you're still having issues after installing Chrome, click Support > Submit Diagnostics and email support

Yes on C drive. Will send log to you. Thanks much.

Hello, I am having trouble receiving channels with TVE/Optimum. This is what I see in my logs:

2022/08/04 03:36:04.621622 [TVE] action=science_stream error={[{access.denied.missingpackage  403}] {{[]}}}
2022/08/04 03:36:04.677165 [TVE] Channel scan 71/212 DISCOVERY failed: 403:  (access.denied.missingpackage)
2022/08/04 03:36:04.813938 [TVE] action=science_stream error={[{access.denied.missingpackage  403}] {{[]}}}
2022/08/04 03:36:04.963799 [TVE] Channel scan 72/212 FOOD failed: 403:  (access.denied.missingpackage)
2022/08/04 03:36:05.111842 [TVE] action=science_stream error={[{access.denied.missingpackage  403}] {{[]}}}
2022/08/04 03:36:05.263414 [TVE] Channel scan 73/212 ANIMAL-PLANET failed: 403:  (access.denied.missingpackage)
2022/08/04 03:36:05.369627 [TVE] action=science_stream error={[{access.denied.missingpackage  403}] {{[]}}}
2022/08/04 03:36:05.473609 [TVE] Channel scan 74/212 HGTV failed: 403:  (access.denied.missingpackage)
2022/08/04 03:36:05.610427 [TVE] action=science_stream error={[{access.denied.missingpackage  403}] {{[]}}}


2022/08/04 03:35:25.720043 [TVE] Channel scan 31/212 TCM failed: notAuthorized
2022/08/04 03:35:26.165402 [TVE] Channel scan 32/212 TOON failed: notAuthorized
2022/08/04 03:35:26.496342 [TVE] Channel scan 33/212 TOONP failed: notAuthorized
2022/08/04 03:35:26.893194 [TVE] Channel scan 34/212 AETV failed: notAuthorized
2022/08/04 03:35:27.252832 [TVE] Channel scan 35/212 HISTORY failed: notAuthorized
2022/08/04 03:35:27.503236 [TVE] Channel scan 36/212 FYI failed: notAuthorized
2022/08/04 03:35:27.774185 [TVE] Channel scan 37/212 LIFETIME failed: notAuthorized
2022/08/04 03:35:28.080890 [TVE] Channel scan 38/212 MSNBC failed: notAuthorized
2022/08/04 03:35:28.326748 [TVE] Channel scan 39/212 CNBC failed: notAuthorized
2022/08/04 03:35:28.707150 [TVE] Channel scan 40/212 USA failed: notAuthorized
2022/08/04 03:35:28.954928 [TVE] Channel scan 41/212 USAP failed: notAuthorized


2022/08/04 03:36:49.274630 [TVE] action=foxsportsauth step=registered 
2022/08/04 03:36:51.333918 [TVE] action=foxsportsauth step=done 
2022/08/04 03:36:51.333968 [TVE] action=authed 

does that technically mean success, and I should have access to the channel? If so, I don't see it in the list.

Does it work on Or