Trying to figure out what "Channels" is

Yep, that’s the general deal.

You can check out tvfool’s signal locator to see where your signals are and what stations you should get

Btw, what devices are you hooking to your TVs for viewing, appleTV, AndroidTV, FireTV? Other?


Beware of Marketing Hype.
There is no such thing as an HDTV antenna, or a 4k antenna.
In fact the mileage claim is also Marketing Hype.
What matters is the quality and gain of the antenna, where you mount it, where the transmitter towers are that you're trying to receive signals from and what radio frequencies they broadcast

The recommendation came from (unbiased). It's not so much the range as the direction - specifically the part about the omni directional antenna since the towers I need to hit are litterally 180 degrees apart.

ImNotSerious - I currently have an older Amazon Firestick (I got it for free). But I'm not married to it if I need to go with something else.

But back to my original problem - it looks like NOTHING can do "b" (record streaming services such as Sling, TTTV, Hulu, etc.). Which sucks big time.

Correct my closest tower is 46 miles. I pick up half my channels with a small flat rated at 25 miles. The others I use a 50 mile flat.

tvfool is using outated databases
rabbitears is more up to date and includes repack info

Channels cannot record directly from these services, but it can record many (probably most) of the channels you receive from these services using TVE. Have you read through the TVE announcement post yet?

Ug - acronyms that aren't explained.

What is "TVE"?

Start here

Read the top 3 pinned posts

From that post:


  1. A major U.S. cable provider like Xfinity, Cox, Spectrum, DirectTV, Dish Network, etc.

Um - If I had one of those, I wouldn't be needing a DVR to record stuff to begin with....

OTT (Over-the-top) providers, like Sling, DirecTV Now, PS Vue, Philo, etc., offer credentials that work with TV Everywhere providers, too.

If this is correct, seems like Sling is not a good choice for TVE.

Agree it is a bit confusing and those sticky posts haven't been updated for six weeks.

Here are the topics under the TV Everywhere category for OTT providers.

Direct TV

Direct TV Now

Dish Network


Hulu Live TV



Sling TV

YouTube TV

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Sure. And you’re free to lease and use their boxes for every tv in your home.

The purpose of Channels is to reduce the need for leased hardware and alternate inputs on your TV, in order to simplify TV watching via streaming boxes that most people already have attached to their TVs. This both saves money and makes their families happy by having a modern and friendly way of watching and recording traditional TV.

It puts their live TV and recorded television right next to their Netflix and YouTube.

To me, at cursory first glance...I interpret the basic info points (TVE)
to indicate that you may not be able to use “Sling” as a source for “Sports” recordings: like: MLB, ESPN.

Maybe you could “Live Stream”, but not “Record”.

Or maybe none at all?

Try: searching or requesting in “Provider - Sling” for more info.

Edit: I type too slowly...lots of crossposting. Sorry

I think is one of the most limited TVE providers.. but it does say ESPN is supported. I think the short answer to you question is that you would be able to record any local stations you can get from an antenna, as well as a significant amount of your SlingTV lineup (although not everything). You can see which channels are supported by going directly to the channel’s own website. See if you can access a live stream using your SlingTV credentials. If so, Channels will likely be able to access and record it.

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Thank you for effectively “closing” this Discussion...and RePosting your latest question.

You still need a cable box with a DVR for me it would cost $12 a month for 1 tv.

I think he only wants to use TVE and OTA.

That's what I do, Spectrum Streaming and OTA

IIRC, he doesn’t want “Cable”.