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Ahh, OK, was getting hard to follow,

Yeah. Sorry about that. It’s just bizarre how difficult it is to get this working, which is why I’d love to see an actual “console” window with the browser opening attempting the login in real time when you rescan an individual channel.

Or does anyone know the direct TVE links for the different channels like AMC or ESPN? The apps on the Apple TV for AMC and ESPN work great mind you.

I consider TVE Beta and no longer rely on it for recordings.
The TVE Locals have always been Experimental and sometimes my experiments with them fail

The devs have done an outstanding job of whack-a-mole fixing the issues and are attentive 24x7.

I just reached my own personal conclusion that while it's nice having TVE in Channels it will not be my only source.

I realize that streaming is error prone, even streaming MPEG-TS streams over reliable TCP/IP connections via the Internet and using RF with OTA receivers over the airwaves or via RF Cable systems. The content holders have the good copy that we are trying to view/record via streaming,


This worked for me to get access to CNN after I lost it and nothing else worked. This tip should should be added more prominently in the TVE Tshooting tips.

Use this page to select Xfinity from the “provider” drop down it will show you all the channels Xfinity supports TVE with. Then you can click the link to use your Xfinity credentials to check and see if they work. Technically if the credentials don’t login/start the stream it is because you don’t subscribe to the channel but obviously there can be other reasons as well.

I agree with everything you’re saying. It is frustrating when things don’t work but it is usually issues with authentication changes on the provider side not channels and the developers are very responsive to try and get things back up and running if they are able.

Ok so we're making progress, kind of. Yesterday I completely uninstalled and reinstalled everything. Login still didn't work.

Today I updated to the latest pre-release. First few times I got a weird error saying "No login form found" Error 503. Restarted DVR and then login looked like it worked but I only have the D listers. CSPAN, Cheddar, Nasa, etc.

Popular networks show one of 3 errors

  • No login form found
  • unavailable in current location
  • cable provider authentication failed

BTW, this is what happens whenever the login issue starts. Popular networks fall off the list and you're left with the D listers,

Agreed. TVE must be constant maintenance demand for them.

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Not sure if this matters but xfinity changed their site and the login URL is now a 2 step process. Enter user id and hit enter. Then loads new page (same url in address bar) and asks for password. Could that be the issue?

I am on XFINITY and TVE is working great ... even with the new logins. I run an automatic full scan at 6;00pm.

PS I never completely remove TVE.

Still making progress. Was able to add a few more channels some through a rescan and some by clicking on them manually. Everything seems to happen in chunks. Soweird.

The only thing I'm missing that I actually care about are the ESPN networks and some other sports channels. I can access some of those through their own app.

I’m missing the espns and AMC but even the food network came back. Had been good for a few months too before this.

Just came home and my ESPNs and my AMC is back just in time for the weekend. Thank you all for your help!

What did you do to get them to work? I'm still stuck not being able to get ESPN & most regional sports to work. Hallmark, Disney, and Spanish channels don't work either but i'm ok with that.

Honestly not sure. May have been a combination of password reset, logging into the apps individually and time. Hopefully they stay working for a bit!

I still seem to be able to only add some channels when performing a total rescan. Each time I do it, I get slightly closer to my previous total of 200+, but right now I only get to around 120 before these auth errors begin in the logs. I saw one recommendation was to enable auto-login on your Comcast account, but that feature only seems to exist if you're a cable modem customer in addition to your TV service. I have CenturyLink for my internet, so I don't see that option. I am running the newest pre-release. I also tried the suggestion to reset my password, but I'm not sure if that's just a placebo.

TVE went caput again today. DVR is installed on a M1 mac. I installed DVR on a win11 pc. Had no issues using the same xfinity login. This is without changing the password at all.

Next i'll test installing DVR in a VM on the mac. I'll try different network adapter settings for the VM. Maybe that will tell if it's an OSX issue or mac address/network issue.

UPDATE: I didn't realize I was using Edge on my Windows machine.

I removed the source and tried adding though Chrome on windows - No luck
I downloaded Edge for mac to see if it's a Chrome issue - No luck
Added and removed source from Edge on Windows a few times - no issues at all.

Is your server on Windows? If so try using Edge. That worked for me without having to change password or create a new user.

Was this funtionality ever added to Channel DVR?
Sent requested email previously Provider - Xfinity - #758 by chDVRuser
Posted the issue again Provider - Xfinity - #770 by chDVRuser
Captured requested html pages again and offered them Provider - Xfinity - #772 by chDVRuser
Never got a reply.

Xfinity was prompting for this during account login of the username used for Channels DVR.
This caused me to lose my local network NBC and FOX when Channels DVR automatically tried to auth them when starting up after the latest prerelease update today.

After clicking Ask Me Later on the two, I was able to rescan locals and got NBC back, but Channels DVR appears to be timing out (not waiting long enough?) when authing FOX and fails,