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I'll take a look but this is the error and screenshot showed after failing to add it as a source. Pretty generic and just the standard login screen.

Login to Xfinity with your primary account username and make sure Auto Authentication is off at

If you use Xfinity for both TV & DVR, and are running Channels DVR at the Xfinity service address, then you should set Auto Authentication to ON. That way the DVR doesn't need to try to enter your user/password at all.

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Add me to the TVE nightmare on Xfinity. Last few days/week I’m getting some channels but not all. I can manually login to the stream app and that works as well as the individual apps for espn and AMC but nothing I can do will get me to login in channels. Ugh.

I repeatedly get the cable authentication failed.

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Did you try manually rescanning the channels in error one at a time?

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Yeah I have tried. Same result. It’s so frustrating :confused:

I'm gonna completely delete channels DVR and reinstall. If that works, I'm just gonna set up a VM and toggle back and forth when this happens.

I know there are backups but I’ve never had to use them is there a way to revert back to before I deleted Xfinity TVE as a source? The reason I ask is because there were still about half on my channels that were working.

Uninstalling and reinstalling didn't work. I noticed there were still some channelsdvr folders after uninstalling.

Do you recommend manually deleting everyhing?

Is there an OS that's better for xfinity users? I'll run anything in a VM if it prevents this issue.

Ok, nothing I tried worked so I was reading another post about DirectTV troubleshooting and came across this post recommending changing your password: Unable to add DirecTV as TV Everywhere Source? - #7 by Tom_Finney
Which made me think this might work for me as well (even though there were no pop-ups saying it was an issue). I tried it and I was able to add TVE as a source, getting me past the login error.

It may be worth adding this as a step in this forum as a suggestion.

I'll update once the scan is complete but changing the password at least got me back to my starting point.

Doing an Update Password in Channels DVR also clears the chromedata folder which could be what fixed it for you. It's a trick we Xfinity and Spectrum users have used since it was implemented in Channels DVR. Select Update Passoword and just enter your same old password to clear the chromedata folder.

Mentioned in the post you linked to

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Yes, I tried the update password trick yesterday to no avail. Actually updating my password with Xfinity did solve the login errors so it may be worth mentioning in the post.


I updated password the other day but I still get the authentication failed errors. I sent logs previously. I could send them again if need be just very frustrating to have to deal with this.

At Xfinity, on the account you use for Channels DVR?
Update Password in Channels DVR doesn't change it at Xfinity.

Correct. I changed it on the Xfinity site. Then was able to add the xfinity back in. It’s wildly inconsistent. Sometimes the channels are authorized. Sometimes they drop off on the next rescan. I wish there was a real time window to see the actual attempts happen during rescan as they are being executed to see what exactly happens visually.