QuadStream + Channels DVR

Go here: https://quadstream.tv/favorites/

And your favorites set identifier is on the AppleTV, under Settings > Apps > QuadStream.

Clunky interface, for sure. And the app feels abandoned, But once it's set up with the channel streams you want, it works well enough.

A better (more configurable and easier to set up) app is called Surveil Stream, I'd recommend that over QuadStream for this now.

This QuadStream hack fulfills a dream I’ve had for quite a while!

I signed up for Channels and installed QuadStream on my AppleTV 4k today. I’ll admit that I’m not the most technically inclined and have been troubleshooting a bit to try and make this work. A couple issues I’m hoping you more knowledgeable folks can help me with.

  1. DVR IP Address: I haven’t been successful pulling the right URL into Quadstream. I’m having a hard time finding the right IP. What’s the easiest way to locate this? When I access channels from server on my PC, it shows a 12x.x.x … IP. I know my IP starts with 192.168… rookie question I know.

  2. Sources/Channels: I have DirecTV and only a subset of my channels are included once I added that as a source in Channels. Have others experienced this?

  3. YouTubeTV: I signed up for a free trial of YouTube TV to see if that would allow me to get the channels I’m looking for, but when I attempted to add that as a source, I received the error message “cable provider authentication failed and it showed a screenshot of the browser “this browser app may not be secure”. Have others run into this issue when attempting to add YouTube TV as a source?

Appreciate the assistance!


The DVR is running on your Surface, so you'd be able to see the IP under windows network properties. It's

To add YTTV, update your DVR to prerelease using the dropdown next to Check for Update

Thanks for the quick reply! The IP / URL advice worked. I’ll try out the YouTube workaround here in a moment.

Out of curiosity, do you why only certain DirecTV channels are available to stream?

I selected check for pre-release in the drop down and it says up to date.

Unfortunately still getting the error for YouTube TV (screenshot below)

For new accounts use it on nbc.com/live and the YTTV app first, then wait a few hours and add to DVR

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Because not every channel is available by TVE (TV Everywhere,)

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That worked. You really know your stuff! Thank you.

That’s a bummer. I’ll read up on that a bit.

I’m currently not able to get ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, NFL Network, and Bally Sports which unfortunately are some of the main channels I was hoping to use this setup for :confused:.

Did you enable them in the DVR Web UI?

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Appears that's an issue being worked on

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Thank you all for your patience and help! Excited to use this with sports this fall.

MSG Network changed how their TVE page works which broke it in Channels but it does not use DRM as you can add MSG and MSG+ manually if you get the m3u link. Same goes for YES Network (which added an additional account login). There is a downside of having to constantly update the M3U link manually. Search the forum for specific instructions on how to do this.

Any idea where the developer went? The app is kind of crippled when you can't purchase the multiview option.

This same subject is being discussed in a different thread, where I learned about a new multiview client called iProTV, that's vastly more advanced than QuadStream and Surveil Stream. Thanks @sok!

I've got some presets set up now where I comfortably multiview 7 streams at once. The AppleTV can handle quite a bit more, like up to 16 or so, but after 8 of them the thumbnails at the bottom get too small for my aging eyes :slight_smile:


Hi, I am a total noob to all of this but I mostly have it working. Earlier today I was using QuadStream with direct m3u8 links and it was working flawlessly. However, I found this thread and realized it would make my life much easier to have all of my cable logins on one service that can be used with QS, so I got Channels. I signed in, loaded all my networks, no problem whatsoever

The problem I am having, though, is that when I've got 4 Channels networks on my QS, they all buffer and stutter very frequently. Is this a common issue? Do I need more available storage or RAM on my computer to make it run smoother? Any help would be much appreciated and I can provide whatever info necessary

Thank you all in advance!

Edit: Was able to essentially fix the issue by lowering the streaming quality settings. Did not see a noticeable drop in quality but there is basically zero buffering. Will leave my post for anyone else new that wants to search up their problem (has helped me a ton today in setup). For those who struggled like me, use these steps:

From your server page. Click "Clients" and then look at the bottom half of the page at "Client Settings". Then go "Playback" --> "Streaming Quality" --> "Home Streaming". I lowered mine to 1 Mbps and everything is working flawlessly. Hope this helps someone!

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FYI this one works "IP Cam Viewer Lite" works on Android including the Nvidia Shield.
Currently have 3 steams running on my phone for testing purposes.
It seems a little slow on frame rates but it is the free version with adds and running on my phone.
More tinkering to do but setup as generic video url and proving it works is the big step.

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What stream URL are you using? stream.mpg as a generic video URL?

pick your channel from the guide right click and copy link from watch now button and use that as a generic url.

example: http://dvr-dvr:8089/devices/ANY/channels/6003/hls this will vary to match your setup

as in this example: http://xxxxx:8089/devices/ANY/channels/xxxx/hls
Hope this helps.