Recordings freezing then speeding up

Just noticed this today, I'm running the most recent beta.
When watching a recording, video freezes, then speeds up to catch up to the audio and is good for 5 mins or so and starts again.

Running most recent beta on both the NAS(Synology DS220+) and NVidia

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Let me guess, it was on a Discovery Networks channel via TVE?

That happens when there are errors in the stream itself, and the player tries to match up the audio and video timecodes, but they differ. Usually the audio will keep going, but the video will freeze for a second or so, and then playback will speed up to re-sync the audio and video.

This started happening last week again on some streams; but this is not the first time it has happened. Unfortunately, if it is the source streams having the issues, Channels can't really do anything about it; garbage in, garbage out.

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This was happening to me watching MTV live all afternoon today, so not exclusive to Discovery networks.

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Interesting. I haven't noticed this with ViacomCBS channels, and in the past it was primarily NBCUniversal and Discovery. I guess no one is safe.

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Nope, This show was from Paramount and also noticed on an MTV show as well today

Well, I certainly hope VCBS gets their streams fixed before Sunday, because I'm getting too old to torrent the Yellowstone finale.

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Noticed this just now while watching my recording of the New Dr. Pol ep from Nat Geo Wild. Random times, video freezes for a couple secs, audio continues fine, the vid speeds up to catch up, and it plays fine.

Edit: stats reporting frame drop. not bad, about 1 every 10-15 secs. when it freezes, it drops like 200 frames.

beta 12.31.208 av drivers is both experimental.

Edit 2: checked the recording file itself, it freezes up in the same stops when played back with MPV on PC too, worse with VLC, it hard freezes and breaks up
. so, must be in how it was recorded i guess?

Server is Rip4 and using Apple tV4k

Can you upload to Dropbox - Submit files


some time codes, 5:20, 9:48, 17:35

was recorded with server ver v2021.12.31.0406

i have updated to the current pre-release ver just now.

edit. also notice the web ui tag says its 1080i, but its not, file/tve stream is 720p. pretty sure it has always said that though.

Do you mean the tag? Or the actual file details? If it is the tag, that is provided by the guide provider; that information generally pertains to the broadcast station, and is not necessarily correct for TVE streams.

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Tag. and did not know that info. thanks.

There was a show recording at same time 7pm-9pm on ANP, it played back fine no issues. dr pol on nat geo wild was 8pm to 9pm.

Can we combine this thread with this one since they are about the same issue?

yours seems to be live viewing and all tve channels, so the post says.
for me, its recording and so far just one channel, not live.
maybe same issue, maybe not.

I think it’s the same. If you rewind live to the freeze point it does it again

My issues are with live TVE channels. Most recently on the Travel Channel that is supplied via Philo.

Nothing is being supplied by your TVE provider.
The streams come from the networks them selves online stream, the TVE provider is just used for authentcation.

THIS thread is titled "Recordings freezing than speeding up."

Like i said, it could be related, or not.
If so, the mods can merge threads.
But until then, they should be considered different issues.

Well if you think about it aren’t all live shows recorded on your DVR ? That is how you can rewind back through the entire show even if you did not actually go into record when watching it. That data stream from the provider is the same whether you watch it live or play it back.

The issue is the same: there are periods of timestamps in the video streams that are out-of-order/discontinuous. This results in the video player freezing, because the frames it is receiving are later in the sequence; so, it holds the picture until it gets all of the rest of the frames. But by that time, in order to play the frame that caused the freeze it has to speed playback up in order to align the audio and video timestamps.

From my observations over the past week, I am 99% confident that these are all the same issue. The problems look to be related to the sequencing of the frames. However, whether that stems from Channels' remuxing the HLS TVE streams into MPEG-TS, or if the streams are messed up at the source, I cannot say.

(However, since this seems to be widespread across all internet sources, I think there is a bug in how Channels is remuxing the streams. I would revert back to a previous version, but I don't have anything earlier the 30 Dec. Perhaps a 27 Dec or earlier version could work.)

Edit: another data point: remuxing a problematic recording via Ffmpeg and dropping the file into Imports plays it back fine without the glitches. I find this is most likely the result of Ffmpeg reordering the problematic video frames as part of the remux.

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You could always go to the Stable release until this is fixed.