Restart Button on Server

Need a Restart Button in DVR Server

I think there really should be a restart button in the server settings screen. I know this topic was covered a few years ago. Restart Server Option. But having the option appear only when doing a server update is not the only time someone may simply want to do a Channels DVR restart. I know that it was proposed that there should never (outside of an update) need to do an restart. But the sad fact is that sometimes bad things happen that aren't suppose to happen. That is why one of the number one troubleshooting tips for computers throughout the course of the computer age has always been reboot.

Most server software of similar type do have restart options somewhere. Just going though the options I have running on my media server. Sonarr and Radar has an option from a menu at the top of every page. SABnzbd also has it from a menu at the top of ever page. Plex you can stop by exiting from the taskbar and restarting. Docker has restart right from the troubleshooting page. Of course the individual Docker containers can also be restarted.

So it would be nice to have a server restart button. Sure, going to services [Windows] and restarting there works, but it would be nice to have it simply on the settings page. Sometimes a simple restart can help in troubleshooting, especially for people like me who beta a lot.

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I agree with you to a point. Convenience is always nice. However, for a small team where I’m sure it’s a challenge to balance support with development, a restart button might be in the super user category that could easily end up creating more demand for support when a novice decides to reboot the server during the Super Bowl or some other super time sensitive event.

As you pointed out, there are plenty of ways to restart the server for folks who know what they’re doing. I think we might all be better off to leave it at that. My two cents.

Excellent point with the Super Bowl example. Of course my option still remains preferring to have it available, but maybe with the caveat warning message "Resetting will interrupt all current recording and live viewing. Do you wish to continue?"

This does actually bring up maybe a different feature topic that deserves its own separate posting concerning having hidden advanced options. Many of those software packages I mentioned in the OP do have options to show/hide the more super user type of stuff. But that is a different topic for another separate post.

If you can point to specific cases where a reboot was necessary to fix some issue, that would make a more convincing case.

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I thought there was a curl command to restart the server

Well just the other day when I added my HDHR Prime I couldn't get any of my live programs to show in any of my clients from any of my sources. I did a simple ChannelsDVR service restart and I was able to see my live programs again. I guess that's when I started thinking about the restart button.

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What about this, originally posted by @chDVRuser

Open up notepad, create a file called restart.bat and have only that command in it. Place it on your desktop or something.

Let me see if I understand your request:

  • You understand that the DVR server is a service managed by your OS's supervisor (whichever platform that is: Windows, Docker, Systemd, etc.)
  • You know how to use your system's tools to manage the service, including start/stop/restart
  • You don't want to use your system's uniform tools to manage the DVR service
  • You want a big "Restart" button because … ?

Does that about sum up the request?

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Well, truth be told in the situation I mentioned I really should have been a more helpful tester and I should have saved a log, and reported the issue. But I was kind of impatient to play with my new toy so I did the restart, cleared the problem, and went about my day. So that's bad on me.

I had to remove my vote I can see someone setting an advanced pass seeing the button and pressing it.

I like my checkbox.

Yes, and I also know how to download television shows manually, I can put them in folders manually, I can play them manually, remove commercials manually, and all sorts of other stuff I can do all by myself. This was a simple feature request and not an attack on the developers, software or anyone here personally. Just because I know how to restart the service doesn't mean I am lazy suggesting a button.


Why would you say the OP is lazy without knowing them ? It was just a request.


I apologize. You're right, that was rude.

However, to follow-up from Aman's question: if you have no problems restarting the service, what does a dedicated button within Channels' own interface achieve that can't be presently done? What is the real-world use case, because I don't see it.

Emby, Plex, and many other self hosted servers, Like Unifi, Home Bridge,urBackup...etc....ALL have a GUI based way to restart the server. It is pretty much a standard everywhere.

Do not see why such the battle of trying to prove why it is wanted/need, it should just be common sense and included.

In fact Channels DVR DOES have a reboot server option, and, gasp :face_with_hand_over_mouth:, a Shutdown option already....for those using the dedicated Raspberry Pi image. So, yea, i do not see why they would not have one in other builds. unless there is some hard technical limitation that prevents so.

The time and effort spent with such bickering, they could have just added it real fast.....but, i guess this will draw on for years, as did users request for a clock. :laughing: :yum:

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Since Y'all are on a roll...
Channels can implement it and add it to the comparison checklist with TiVo that doesn't have it.

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TiVo was declining from the moment they hit the market. They are an example of wasted opportunities, nothing more. Not a benchmark.

Seems like a very simple script you could write and place in your tool bar/desktop/menu bar to activate anytime you feel the need.

I rarely just restart the service except for when my launch agent script downloads the latest beta at 2am.

I do restart the Mac it runs on once a week just to clear caches and flush the RAM.

For TiVo users - I know there's a menu selection, but you have to go to TiVo Central > Settings & Messages > Help > Restart and confirm by pressing :-1: :-1: :-1: then Enter, so it's technically not a button.