Store settings in the cloud

I have 3 Apple TVs. As I was updating to Channels 4.0 and customizing settings for each today, I thought to myself “I really wish I could set this up once and have it automatically apply to all of my TVs.” Everything from tuner order to favorites to UI customizations. It really would be convenient to save these settings to the cloud and share them across devices. Could something like this be implemented?

This would save a huge amount of time. What I've been doing is taking pictures of On Now favorites on one TV and then going and trying to match it on the next one. I invariably find a channel on that TV that wasn't favorited on the first, so I end up going back and forth several times.

If you mean the sync of favs and enabled/disabled channels, this was how things worked before on Android TV platform clients. When i first started using Channels DVR, several months ago, it was nice, just set those things via the server web GUI, and all clients i have would match it. Was quick and easy.

They decided to update and remove that ability, replacing it with manual import/export functions on each client. Which, has been a mixed back of working right, at least for me.

I think, such a sync feature has never been a thing for Apple products...if i recall a previous post here while back.
And by "cloud" I am going to assume u mean the Channels DVR Server.

Personally, I am quite used to and spoiled with Emby, as it has complete user profiles that u can customize extensively for each user. U don't need to worry about the app on each client, all such customization are donw and stored in the users profile which is on the server. Only a few select client app specific settings are necessary in that case.
Really hope someday, Channels can make a nice centralized user profiles where each ones settings can be sycned with the server.

That might work for some folks, but in our home we don't tailor each TV to the user. What we want is to walk around the house, pick up the remote, and have what we see be consistent with the other TVs. My wife and I might swap who's holding the remote a dozen times during watching. We don't want to have to change user profiles each time the remote changes hands.

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Then u can just use one profile...would accomplish what you want.

the point is, control and customization, which includes the ability for synchronization to the sever across the platforms. By having such a system, you have both options available to the end user. Setup things up once, centrally, then all clients match that profile, weather or not u just use one, or have multiple.

The vast major of users want and really need to have separate profiles, due to multiple users that each record and watch their own shows and want them in separate library's to mange. this also is standard in how most streaming apps works, they ask, "who is watching". if only one profile, then the Continue watching or watched history is gets messed up when other user watches things. Other home dvr/media softwares use profiles.

Far as I gather, such a feature set is a huge work and restructure of their current product.

I can see the appeal of them deciding to work with is currently in place, and to make each of client being independent though. So that, for example, user B has their own tv to use, and they watch news and sports channels, but User A, on thier own tv, dont watch those channels and want them hidden in the guide....then they can set them hidden on their tv, and they still show on the other client. It does make first setup, and any future changes a pain, but it kinda works.

As before, for Android TV, it followed what the sever setting was for both, so both clients who show the channels.

That makes sense, but I think you are talking about two requirements. The ability to save your favorites and channel order on the server is fairly simple in comparison to creating user profiles that have separate libraries. One is quite simple and one is huge when you factor in keeping track of progress, watched/unwatched, favorites, etc..

I was thinking of ALL settings. Everything that is customizable in the UI, particularly now that version 4.0 is available. Favorites, tuner order, hide/show sections in the left navigation, etc.

My first thought was iCloud. But then there are users who are not using Apple devices. But Channels DVR Server makes way more sense. Good thinking!

Just to clear up any misunderstandings, I am not referring to having different user profiles. I'm aware that this is something that the Channels developers are not adding due to the complexity. In fact, I'm kind of asking for the opposite. Sort of a single default profile that can be copied across all instances of Channels. Maybe they could have a "Sync settings" options that users can turn on/off so they have the option to keep the standard settings or customize a particular instance.

That is exactly what I would like. It would save about 30-40 minutes trying to replicate favorites/order every time channels are tweaked, per TV.

What u are asking one in the same pretty much. At least in my view.
Clients to be synced to the Channels DVR sever.
If there is already one default profile, then it should not be to hard to make and store others.

As I said, there was such a system in place already, for Android clients. (for chan list and favs)

As it is now, you can sync the sever settings of the favs/hidden channels to each client via the "Import" button in the app on the client.

If sync(import) major need for you, then I suggest using Android TV clients, like the Nvidia Shield, instead of Apple TV.
Or, wait who knows how long, if ever, for such a feature to be added to the Apple ecosystem.

Have u checked under Settings, Sources, the tuner source, for the Import button?
Maybe it is there, since the new update.

I do not think it is possible, or even good idea, for client specific app settings to be synced across the board, such as encoder, skip ff/rwd amounts or guide order preferences, but those take like 5 secs in the settings to adjust. Cause there are many differnt type devices outhere, that could be cause issues. At least for how channels works.
Why i mentioned Emby, Plex, and server side profile system. Which is exactly what Emby, Plex do with profiles.
Due to it being server side, it does not matter what client type or OS, is connecting, it loads the profile and it is the same experience and sycned settings across every device the user log into.

The chan favs and lists is the most tedious thing to setup. so a sync of that is very much desired no doubt.

EDIT: i see you posts in other threads where u have gotten similar responses from others about how channels setup and sync works. This best sums up the state of things.

Maybe I shouldn't have used the word "profile." All I am saying is that it would be nice to have the option to copy the settings across devices.

You might be right. But it sure would be convenient when someone has multiple devices. I'd love to hear what the Channels developers think!

They are definitely working on syncing favorites and hidden from the client to/from the server. So that is definitely coming. I agree I think it would also be nice to have the option to include some other client settings in that sync as well.