TugoTV in Channels?

Between Philo, Tugo TV and FRIENDLY TV, I pull it all through channels and you have a great lineup.

Is there an easy way to post here a solid CDVR channel map for most of the key TugoTV channel feeds from anyone that has sorted it all out?

I'm not currently using it, but did scrape a list of channels from their website
It's 4 posts above yours

Kind of strange that it has all the NBC channels except for CNBC and USA. Would have been a perfect replacement for death of NBC sports on TVE with those two.

So they're providing NY feeds of the major networks and yet this is legit? Doesn't pass the smell test.

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I don’t see NBC Sports listed either on TugoTV, nor do I see CNBC, USA, Bravo, E!, or SyFy... all of which are NBCU networks too. The only channels I see listed are NBC (NY,) MSNBC, and Oxygen. Is that wrong?

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Thanks, but I was thinking more along the lines of the mapping of epg data that is accurate to the TugoTV docker bridge.

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The NBC Sports channel was shut down at the end of 2021 I believe. CNBC and USA pick up the sports that the main NBC channel doesn't want to cover.

So TugoTV doesn't do a lot for the current NBC issue except give you an NBC eastern affiliate -- no USA or Syfy in their lineup. It's a pretty good lineup in its own right but doesn't integrate at all with TVE. It's the only service that does provide the national networks plus Fox News, OAN, and Newsmax so love it for that. There's a lot of overlap with FrndlyTV & Philo. I guess for me it's a good fit with FrndlyTV since neither rely on TVE but still integrate with Channels.

And MSNBC and Oxygen

For those of us that are docker ignorant is there a way to run a non-docker (python only) version for tugo tv similar to matthuisman's Frndlly TV for Channels non-docker version?


PROVIDER=tugotv [email protected] TUGOTV_PASS=secret python3 server.py

Thanks. Will give this a try with a TugoTV 5-day free subscription when I get some time to play around. However, I'm not sure how to use this info on my WIN 10 server. Do I just go to my downloaded and unzipped TugoTV folder and enter this command at the CMD prompt?

Or just learn docker. 20min on YouTube and you will be fine.

I use free Docker Desktop, makes things pretty darn easy, all things considered

Using what is known as container station on my synology and with my paid subscription, Tugotv is doing good.

Docker installation minimum requirements say my server bios must support virtualization. My current server bios does not have a setting for virtualization so… that means a new server which I’m trying to avoid. So a non-docker solution seems like a good compromise. It is woking flawlessly for FrndlyTV.

Correct. Windows + Docker requires virtualization. You would either need to run a VM with linux or install WSL on windows.

So its either install linux. Get a new server/pc. Or host remotely on a VPS.

Im not sure if its possible to run the docker on a public server and share the M3U. Because the m3u would be linked to their username/subscriotion.

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Did you get this working? I have it run and it runs for 3-4 seconds on Docker then stops automatically

When I look at logs it's telling me...

2023-04-27 16:49:57 2023/04/27 20:49:57 FATA SRV: TUGOTV_USER and TUGOTV_PASS need set
2023-04-27 16:50:02 2023/04/27 20:50:02 FATA SRV: TUGOTV_USER and TUGOTV_PASS need set
2023-04-27 16:50:04 2023/04/27 20:50:04 FATA SRV: TUGOTV_USER and TUGOTV_PASS need set
2023-04-27 16:50:27 2023/04/27 20:50:27 FATA SRV: TUGOTV_USER and TUGOTV_PASS need set