What about the Processing of recordings?


Isn't that what uses a lot of the Cpu? Not seeing huge spikes when just streaming remotely.


what source are you streaming from? some MPEG-4 sources are streamed without transcoding if they are below the requested bitrate.

also, your device may be using hardware transcoding, which is very energy efficient and uses almost no CPU.


Right now I’m using a low end celeron laptop. It’s not the streaming that’s using the CPU. It is the commercial detection.


even a low end celeron might have hardware transcoding

what's the CPU listed at my.channelsdvr.net?


N4100, I know it doesn’t have quick sync


Yes, comskip sucks up CPU time. If you ever want to see in detail what magic it does while it's sucking up all your CPU time you can look at its log.

The default in Channels DVR is for comskip to use one CPU thread to do the work and it's not using HARDWARE (GPU), it's using SOFTWARE (CPU).

Transcoding a Live TV feed or Recording to view it on a client can use HARDWARE (GPU), comskip doesn't as it only processes the recorded file after it's done recording by Channels DVR and just marks the commercials for use by Channels DVR..

The Devs for Channels DVR said they're ''thinking about" doing their own comskip.


I agree...hence, would like to reduce the number of recordings that require com-skip.

Since I record a lot of commercial free movies/shows (TCM, PBS, etc) on the Prime, I have submitted feature request about being able to “Skip” com-skip process by Channel#.



I agree, the best would be no comskip per channel (BBC/PBS/Certain Movie chs, etc.), the second best (some may argue) would be a selectable 'no comskip' option when you select to record something, however you got there, series pass, one time recording, etc.

Not sure if either option is easy or which would be the easiest to implement, but I do agree that would be a killer option (and I think it's the most requested comskip option) either way.

Maybe if they create a new Category for Channels DVR-Comskip we can discuss it there.


Yeah, I think that’s why my a NAS(pr2100) had such a high cpu usage. Sold it and am using a laptop, seems much better.