Any UI Color Choices Other Than Purple

Nobody in the family likes purple so my question is; are there any UI color choices other than purple???

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Programmers Prefer Predominately Purple aPPlications.

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No....and there will never be it seems, they like their Purple.
but unofficially, yes.
See the Carbon Theme .apk u can side load.

Seems like they went for the retro 80's look. I'm guessing that's when the programers grew up.

The 80's was the best decade ever. You kids just aren't smart enough to know it yet. Study hard and the truth will come to you eventually.

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You kids? I was born in 68. Much rather have grown up in the 70's. Best decade for music.

I refute you with two words: Twisted Sister.


You got me there, never heard a more talented band

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I’d pay extra for the option to apply different color themes.

I have no problems with the purple, but it is somewhat perplexing that the devs won't implement at least one other color option just to satisfy the many users who have asked about it over the years.

On tvOS, I went to Settings > Accessibility > Display > Color Filters, and played around a bit.

Woohoo! Down with godforsaken purple, long live BLUE!


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How much extra? Asking for a friend. :money_mouth_face:

I don't mind the purple but the light backgrounds make it very difficult to read text. For example, the light backgrounds in the playback "dialog" and the when a scheduled recording is highlighted.

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Agreed. As stated before, while purple isn't my favorite, the lack of contrast makes text quite difficult to read.



The "increase contrast" setting in the Apple TV Accessibility options helps with the least it does for me.

I was thinking of an “add on” option that you can unlock for a one-time fee. I’d pay $10 to unlock an option like this within the app. That way those who want it can pay for it, those who don’t can continue with the standard setup.

I doubt there is much appetite for micro transactions in Channels. I'm a pretty laid back guy and I would be a bit miffed. But there are those in this forum who would likely organize a mob with torches and pitchforks. I doubt there will be themes for a while, but then again, I didn't think we would have a clock yet, so what do I know?

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If anyone wants to do 3rd party options. I'll donate$$ I want a blue ui.

Send me your money