Channel Up and Down while watching TV

I'd love to be able to change channels to the next or prev channel by pressing the channel up or channel down button on most remotes without having to go back to the guide. Just basically channel surf in the easiest possible way without any more clicks than necessary.

I know on Apple TV 4 I can swipe down from the touch pad to open an overlay and then swipe left or right and then click. It's not the same thing. It is 3 actions instead of 1. I also know the developers strive to unite all features on all platforms, but it would be a shame to allow the simplistic Apple TV remote to rule out a feature that would be so useful for others not so handicapped by their remotes.

Thanks for your consideration!

This already happens.
Maybe its not a thing on Apple but it does it fine on my Android TV devices, Shield and Tivo Stream. Even my third party usb remote on my shield, channel up/down changes the channel, and also is like a page up down button to scroll the guide.

Existing threads:

Which remote are you using with your Apple TV?

It is the Apple 4k remote with the touch pad at the top and 6 buttons below. I also use a logitech harmony 665 remote. I'm not sure which I like better.

Is there any remote for the atv4k that the channel up and down or the channel number buttons do work? I've tried the sofabaton and the inteset both recommended in the forums here as good remotes for the atv4k. I love the function of the ts4k remote with channels but the device doesn't compare to the atv4k. If the devs picked at least one remote and got all those buttons to work for the atv4k i think most here would get that remote. I dont know if this is even possible with the atv4k but it would nice to start using my atv4k's again they are starting to collect a lot of dust.