Channels Freezes post Android 11 Update

Two days in a row watching Channels and it completely freezes up requiring a power recycle by unplugging and plugging back in. Yesterday was Live TV and today was watching a recording. Diagnostics submitted after the reboot a few minutes ago.

This complete freeze issue has never happened before the Shield Experience 9.0 update (Android 11).

I have had this happen a few times too. Shield Pro 2019, same update. Shield is a client only. Server runs on a Windows Server 2016 server.

Existing thread on this issue is pinned globally.

Everyone has severe issues with the Shield now, not just Channels DVR.
Can not be fixed until Nvidia figures it out, their past track record for software updates is about 1 every 8-12 do not hold your breath.

Is there any change with Settings > Playback > Advanced > Surround Sound: Off

I'm in the same boat. This 9.0 update is TRASH. It made all my ShieldTVs run like shit and ChannelsDVR crashes like crazy.

This is for the server app. We're having issues with the client application

All related to the Same issue the os update.
EDIT: Infact there are MANY MANY issues/bugs with release.
Only nvidia can fix them, nothing really to fix o Channels side of things.

The main user for my Shields, has been out of town for a while, so they have not seen active use in some time.

I have let one of them play for a few hours on one channel, then later changed the channel. OTA and TVE.....has not has any issues.
But maybe that is not enough usage to trigger any issues for me, that is using the Shield as Client device only.

I have not installed any of the Hotfixes updates.

I installed the third Nvidia Shield hotfix this far so did get a little sluggish for awhile, so I restarted it... running normally now...hope it holds. Now, what I need to know is, this hotfix supposedly fixes Plex server which I don't use. I have not seen anything about Channels server mentioned in any of the hotfix notes. Is Nvidia aware of the Channels server issue? Does the Plex server fix apply to Channels server as well? Will Channels release new server software. If not, what is the correct way to install it? I saw a couple of different ways to install it on other threads. I would like to get my server back on the Shield asap, but only if it's fixed and working properly.

After the v9 update I side-loaded the Channels DVR server but it proved to be unstable so I moved it to my Media-PC. I won't attempt to move it back to the Shield Pro until I have confirmation on this forum that the problem has been fixed and the server is once again stable. Since then I have been running the updated Channels client on 2 Shield Pro's -- both v9 with no hotfixes installed. The client has been very stable and plays in the kitchen for most of the day with no issues. So we are good there.

The only problem I've noticed with the client is that occasionally, when I go to the "Recordings" tab, it will not show me the recordings it has made 'Today'. I have to back out to the Shield Home screen, close the client (double-tap the Home button) and then restart it. Then everything is good for the rest of the day.

To re-install the Channels Server, you should be running the updated client (mine is 201.22.2023) on the Shield Pro. Then you will find an entry in the Settings menu to to install the DVR server:
'Settings --> Support --> Install Channels DVR Server'

After you install it, you may find it beneficial to update it to the latest version from the web interface.

Ok, thanks. After Nvidia gets their stuff straight, I will reinstall it.

That is also my plan. I'm not installing hot fixes because all the clients I use are working fine. I'll wait until Nvidia is done with releasing hot fixes and releases a regular update. Then I'll wait until it is verified on the main v9 thread that the update makes the server stable again before I reinstall it on my Shield Pro.

So i let both my Shields just sit streaming Channels DVR for hours, no issues, but then i set them to stream a 12hr youtube video, and they won't last maybe 45min before it just either freezes, or reboots it self. this is on both the 2019 Pro model and the Tube model.
The Pro has no external storage connected, while the Tube has a micro SD in it formatted as internal storage. But both seem to act up in the same way. Both have been fully wiped and setup fresh about 2 months ago, with all apps and things save YouTube and Channels DVR, removed.

What a joke. But, looking into the issues, they should have foreseen this. Why? Simple.
I recall, there was huge talk in tech news about the jump form Android 9 to 10, then 11. With new very different and more strict permissions and file system things.

I recall having to do extensive testing, i even bought a cheap second Pixel phone to install the 10 beta on to test my app.
Nearly ALL the apps I used, had severe issues or did not even work. Submitted reports to the devs of the apps, some responded and we had a 2 way thing going to help get their app ready for the update, others, silence, and still were broke for some time until after the OS update was publicly out. Media/music players where user often stored files locally, or any app that needed to store a local cache, apps that had to change file paths later on for the sandboxed type files system per app....many changes needed.

All that happened in the mobile Android ecosystem few years ago now.
So, guess, everyone forgot all about that huge change, Nvidia just updated their rom to the newest base OS, and pushed it out, assuming nothing major had changed. And devs of Android TV apps also have not been keen to update things since the platform has always been far behind the mobile phone ecosystem. Quite the mess resulted in mostly everything either not working, or having severe issues.

Very tempted to replace the Shields with Apple TVs, but, the main user of those TVs are an Android user, and they very much like the Shield backlit, when the Shield wasn't given the plague of bad software, it is a more capable and versatile multi-purpose device than Apple TV is.
I would think, in time, lots of time, that the Shield will be stable again.
In the mean time, I wonder if anyone had come up with ways to root and flash custom roms or a non Nvidia version of Android TV on to the thing, like you could flash Android phones with custom roms.

I have two Shields. A 2017 and a Tube. I upgraded the 2017 and quickly regretted it. Luckily my Tube is on the downstairs TV that is not used much and did not auto-upgrade. I moved it upstairs and put the upgraded 2017 downstairs until they release a patch that fixes things.

I learned my lesson. I'm never going to be quick to upgrade these devices again. I may wait a year or more to upgrade the Tube if I ever do (although the upgrade message is annoying).

I was just checking the Nvidia forums and found the list of known issues, and Channels DVR server is not mentioned anywhere in it. So, my question is this, will a factory rest help with Channels server and fix it so that it works normally? I read where some people have tried it and it worked so that the shield worked normally. Has anyone here tried it and got Channels server working normally?


Here is the list I am referring to...

Still open and to be fixed on a future SHIELD release:

  • AI upscaling does not work when streaming GeForce NOW 1080p HDR content
  • Resolution is capped at 1080p when using ADB for screen capture
  • Unable to log into Google or Netflix accounts when using restricted profile
  • Audio stutter issues with aptX-HD compatible headsets
  • VUDU does not cast in UHD
  • XBOX controllers may not automatically reconnect after disconnecting on SHIELD sleep
  • Chrome cast audio latency issues
  • When Kodi is running in the background, refresh rate changes on apps in the foreground somtimes
  • Button mapper remap on Netflix button triggers Netflix button and the new button mapped
  • Popping audio when playing back over BT headphones while Dolby Processing is enabled. For now, disable Dolby Processing while playing back on headphone
  • Free space reports incorrect using SMB server feature in SHIELD
  • Adopted storage starts migrating but doesn't always complete
  • Twitch scaling/zooming/cropping behavior doesn't look correct
  • Wifi disconnects on a subset mesh/band steering network setups
  • While using external hard drives with NTFS format which do continuous reading/writing (DVR type applications), the drive stops working and SHIELD hangs and needs to be rebooted. This may also apply to exfat as both file systems are served by Paraon but likely does not apply to fat32 which has built in kernel support.
  • Streaming Emby with https video stalls unless http2 is disabled
  • The drive speed test when adopting a storage drive always reports drive too slowReported Issues:
  • Change in mapping (Sterteched vs black bars) of 16:9 content to 16:10 display behavior from 8.2.3
  • When refresh rate switcher is enabled with the network debugging feature popups asking for device authorization to the network debugger appear randomly


I guess I'm in the minority because I have not had any problems with Channels DVR after upgrading to 9.0 on my Shield Pro. I am a very simple user. I have dish and I use channels TVE to record cable channels from my dish account to take advantage of comskip.
My Channels DVR runs on my Synology DS918+ Nas and I have not upgraded my NAS to DSM7.

Says all DVR type applications here