EPG day selection

Hi are there any plans to add this feature to the EPG. I think its a glaring omission to the current version

Pretty sure i has been requested before.
I too really cold use this, one major useablity thing i miss from my old Comcast cable box
I have been using the web sever Guide page, as that has the option to change day easy.

Maybe a response from the developers would help clear up this issue. To me it's a feature of every good EPG. Also a life time pass would be a good idea. Im in England and get charged stupid banks fees for currency exchange rate makes the cost around
10% extra for me

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wrong thread. @RockandRoller70

Well, there are over a dozen threads on this specific topic,(use the Search) feel free to read through them and see the devs responses.

here are just a few.:

..... there is many more.

if you ask me, all those requests...dating back well over a year...don't seem they have any plans to add it as of yet....sometime in the future maybe

Fair enough cheers for that. Might be time to try Plex or Emby

Good luck on that. LOL

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i use emby as secondary guide, as it has a much better and capable search feature that can read into the shows content description, not just title.

Emby does not support TVE though.
But there is a thread somewhere on how to use Channels DVR as a tuner for Plex/Emby.
u can do that, if you really want the Emby GUI experience, but, then you will have to pay for use of the 2 softwares.

I have been asking for this feature, the current way of browsing is so frustrating that I have already given up using Channels to record, which makes this App 1/2 baked and unusable in terms of scheduling recording. The developers don’t care at all. They don’t at least let us know they could put on roadmap or prioritize. Anyway...

This will happen when we redesign the Guide tab and make it consistent across Android and Apple TV. We skipped the Guide for 4.0/3.0 releases because there are only so many hours in a day and we wanted to get the release out.


This is good to hear. Does this mean the vertical tick indicating the current time on tvOS will make an appearance on iOS/iPadOS and Android? Or maybe a more noticeable indicator?

Not sure but whatever the new design is will be replicated on both platforms.

Are you crazy? The devs do care. Your paying $6.50-8 per month for all you get. Plus they actually participate here and answer questions. Do you know how many different platforms they are trying to continuously support?

No the service is not perfect and there are features I would like added. But I understand what I'm paying for and understand this is a small company.

Try adding some value instead of just but bitching!

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