LinkPi encoder family

A growing number of channels community members have been exploring this particular HDMI encoder family. I have barely begun to delve into this unit but it has been rock solid for me using it with channels to capture directly to a custom channel.

Instead of monopolizing the HDMI for channels thread, and ADBTuner thread Ive created a separate thread for this family of encoders for their particular quirks/issues/etc.

Heres a start…

WayPonDEV Link Pi ENC1-V3 4K NDI HDMI Encoder Decoder, Support SRT/RTMP/RTSP/HTTP/ONVIF/HLS Transmission, 1080P HD Video Encoder for YouTube Facebook Twitch Live Broadcasting

Feel free to edit as needed and begin to fill in info.


I have received alot of help from various members on here and really appreciate it. Hopefully this can make it a little easier for others.
Just to give a quick start to anyone searching.
Here is my current setup...

OpenMediaVault Server with Docker Containers
Rpi Channels Server
WayPonDEV Link Pi ENC5-V2
ADBTuner Docker
Onn 4K Google Tv (Using Wifi, ADB Debugging On, HDMI out plugged into Link Pi)
FireTV 4K Max on TV's for viewing Channels DVR

As stated in other threads I had to change the streaming endpoint to in ADBTuner so it would stop continuously restarting the streams.
Also the Video Mix under the Extend tab can be a little finicky. Be careful not to accidently re-save default layouts in Layout Manager or it will change the names to Chinese in the current firmware (2.9.0 build 20231229_1901).
Setting the framerate to -1 in Encode can make the Mix Channel/Output Blank or unviewable in current firmware (2.9.0 build 20231229_1901).

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In case it isn't clear or someone is still confused ....In ADBTuner

Device IP Address is the the Device that is going to "tune" Philo streams in my case...Here it is an Onn 4K for each one. These are then plugged into the HDMI Inputs number 1 and 2

The Streaming endpoint address will be the address of the LinkPi.

I have set all these addresses inside my router so they never change.

Some thoughts since I've used the LinkPi devices for quite a while during ADBTuner development.

Like most of these encoders, the LinkPi devices are a security nightmare. I stumbled across this documentation that is helpful in identifying these security concerns and correcting them. If you have the opportunity to, isolate these devices on your network. GitHub - matiaspl/LinkPi-ENCx

Disable streams you are not going to use to reduce CPU load.
Leaving only one enabled in the "Encode" section here is recommended.

For ADBTuner usage, turn off all protocols in the "Stream" section except HTTP

Encoder settings. Since it's running on the internal network I prefer to run a relatively high bitrate to minimize compression artifacts.

LinkPi recommends average bitrate (AVBR) encoding so I went with that and an average bitrate of 8500. Everyone should bump the framerate to 60fps and a 2 second GOP setting is reasonable. Disable any sub-streams (set codec to "close").

H.264 is highly recommended. It's easier to decode and at least for ADBTuner it works more reliably (h265 sometimes doesn't decode correctly when trying to automatically perform OCR to click "ok" buttons and such)

Just for extra information I found this website on the LinkPi's. I posted this on ADBTuner before but might also be helpful here. I will remind anyone going to it that I had to change the zoom down from 100% in google chrome to see the complete chart of different LinkPis.

ps...I just went by the website again and it looks like they fixed the chart and you can now use the scroll bar below it to see all the you might not need to change the zoom anymore

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One thing to note, the ENC5 V2 comes with a 12/2a power supply rated at 24w. I am using a poe+ switch and this poe splitter and it works great.

This might be helpful too. I documented my LinkPi setup and it is still as it is even though I said it was temporary haha.

I'm using 5V USB to 5.5x2.5mm adaptors to power the LinkPi devices so I only have one AC connection.

I have a Uray Encoder with 8 inputs and this is my Cable MGMT lol ... only using 5 inputs at the moment ... waiting for Silicondust to release ATSC 3.0 DRM. 4 Firesticks and 1 Google TV

:rofl: I've been there with that sort of combination of devices, there's just no way to get it nice. You were smart to just not bother.

Thanks for starting this thread. I kept meaning to start one dedicated to LinkPi, but I've been swamped. Big fan of LinkPi and will share as I can.

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Curious to see what, if anything, you got working on the link Pi itself after getting root access. Are you making use of this for your setup - which from my memory had something to do with spectum?

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Hi all, picked up an ENC1-V3 after reading several posts around here. On a fun note, I was able to plug an inexpensive USB HDMI capture card into one of the USB ports and stream that as a second source with no issues - easy plug and play! I also found the repo that @turtletank posted above - was able to login as root, but haven't found anything interesting yet.

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Nothing yet other than to change the nosig picture to a Channels Branded one. There is not a regular dynamic library that I could see, so I thought of statically compiling an ARM AH4C package to run in it, but haven’t had much time as of late.


I did USB capture testing as well. Please note LP will need a scheduled reboot each night if you leave the USB capture in production, else it drops off. Unless they fixed this in recent firmware.

Just picked up the box and no experience with these, has anyone tried Auto for the video size? I was thinking about setting all 5 hdmi's to that in case Channels picks a 4k event and I'm not sure what HDMI input it might send it to?

Also it seems I can only manually set 2 of the 5 HDMI's at 4k?

Thanks for any help to get this dialed in.

Haven't tried but the chart says you should be able to encode 3 @4K at same time on the ENV5.

Just keep in mind the 4K will be at 30 FPS, a limitation of HDMI 1.4.

New Firmware for the ENC1-V3 (20240131)

Standard Edition: Fixed some page translation issues
Standard Edition: Fixed the problem of unsuccessful NDI registration
Standard Edition: Added title keyword search function
The layout manager adds video channel binding audio source in the layout.
Fixed the problem that NTFS formatted hard disk cannot be automatically mounted
Optimize some HTTP interface logic
Optimize file recording function
ENC1V3, ENCSHV2, ENC4S model kernel optimizes UDP stability

How can you get the upgrade? Nothing shows up when I hit Online Update in the System Menu (other than the occasional "The network is abnormal" message)...

Mine came from the system update button, so not sure what to tell you. What model?