Non-Docker source for PlutoTV and Stirr m3u playlists and EPG

Try doing a Redownload XMLTV for the source

Updating to 2023.09.21.2256 did the trick. I should have known better. #1 reboot #2 check for updates.
Thanks all for the extremely quick reply's . Such a great product that focuses on customer experience.


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Just in case, always worth a reminder about how recordings work with Pluto:

I got Pluto to work in Channels but where do I get the so-called m3u codes to enter in the Space provided to make these streaming services work. No wheres is there a place to look to add these strings of codes. I see multiple posts with extremely complicated programming strings that are miles long. The streaming services I want to connect to Channels are: Xumo, Freevee, Freecable TV, Tubi, DistroTV, Philo, SingTV. Where is the magic place to look to find out what needs to be entered in the space provided under "TV Anywhere" in the Channels server?

The closest to a magic place is this:

Some of the sources require the use of Docker.
It's all detailed in the links.

Only Philo and Sling can be added easily as TVE. Some of the rest can be added as Custom Channels.

thank you for doing this. I have contributed on Paypal

Awesome! Thank you.

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Is there something wrong with the Pluto feed? About half of the channels have disappeared.

Maybe because the guide data xml is listing October 2021 airings?

And the files aren't refreshing at
Files last updated: Fri, 10 Nov 2023 12:04:18 -0500

Sorry folks... moved servers today and had a glitch.

It should be corrected now (you'll have to reload both m3u and epg).

Please let me know if you don't get current info.

sorry for the inconvenience.


Just tried reloading both, but still not getting any epg info. I can watch the channels though. Thanks for the hosting.

It does appear to be working for me. These links is returning EPG data:

Anyone else?

Yep, the Pluto one is the one I'm using, but still no epg data. I've updated the pre-release server, still no go. I've also tried shutting down the server completely (after the update) and restarting it, but still no data.

Also, I can see the info in a browser, but it's not importing into Channels. I've tried it on different PC's so clearing cookies on a single PC won't help.

(post removed -- problem solved below).


Thank you sir, that is working.

Didn't check but sounds like content type header issue

Most definitely. The old site is sending this header:
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=epg.xml

And the new site is not. But for the life of me, I can't figure out what's different between the two servers (Both pretty generic LAMP instances).

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Ok, problem solved. You can now go back to the "" links if you had changed to '' links which will stop working soon.

Sorry for the slight inconvenience. I had just overlooked one thing from the old server.