Not Authorized Local Channels

They used to work but not I am getting Not Authorized on some of them.
I am using TVE with Verizon

If you're talking about these, you're not alone.

exactly...mine added and worked for awhile but now they stopped working. was it something I did? is there something I can do?

The FIOS local channels are working fine for the NYC area via TVE

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All I can offer is to make sure you're on the latest server prerelease, Troubleshooting shows all green checkmarks, make sure you can access the individual local network websites and stream your local channels. You can toggle the Experimantal Locals checkbox to rescan them.

I've experienced times where nothing I did would get one of them and then days later it would work.

Fickle TVE Locals.

Weird cause I’m using food NYC but I’m physically in GA

What do you mean “troubleshooting shows all green checkmarks?”

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In case you haven't seen the Support Article

Thank you I will check it out!
Thank you for the support article also