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Hi guys,
I had Sling for like a day tried TVE with it and canceled the same day.
Went back to using my Youtube tv and Philo.
Much better

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Attempting to use a trial for Sling to see exactly what TVE channels are available and it's flat out not working at all.

It's happening when trying to login with an app too, so not Channels related.

Damn Sling sucks.

Hi there,
When i tried using Sling,with TVE, it didn't offer too many options.
I wonder if VLC Bridge would work with the service?


I subscribed to Sling Orange this morning and added the TVE source in Channels. I don't see ESPN or Disney, even though both are listed as TVE at the Sling TV website: Available TV Everywhere Apps | Sling TV Help

"Troubleshoot" tab says notAuthorized for both. But I can watch them at


Edit: I can't authenticate on DisneyNOW either, so I guess this is a question for Sling. Sorry, should have checked first.

I just got mine up & running a couple of weeks ago. I was able to watch FX & SYFY, but yestersay I noticed they are not working. Error: Connection Lost notAuththorized: You do not have a subscription to view the requested content. Please upgrade your programming then log back in to view content.

In the list of channels for Sling TV I do not see USA Network at all. You can log into the website with your Sling TV credentials. Why doesn't it even show up in the channel list?

All the NBC channels were changed to DRM, including USA, and they no longer work. You can link the app in the guide/on now listings and go directly to the USA channel in the app as a workaround.

Could "Docker" be used to replace TVE for Sling TV? Just curious why its has not been discussed.

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Sling has really bad TVE support.
would be neat if we could just bring in the streams from Sling itself.

After switching from Philo to Sling Blue, was disappointed with the lack of TVE apps. Philo has about 25 TVE apps that import into Channels, but Sling Blue only has, A&E, Nat Geo and Fox News. Plus 80 FAST channels.

After following the post by tmm1 "Experimental: Stream Links from the Guide via Custom Channels". I found a work around to the lack of TVE apps for Sling. It only gives me a program guide and does not import the Sling channel into ChannelsDVR. The Channels program guide is far superior to Sling's program guide. It's not a replacement for the lack of TVE apps for Sling, but it allows me to see what's on and when. I than go to the Sling UI and watch or record using the Sling app.

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Are the Sling Fox-owned channels (FNC, FBN, all the FX channels, etc) not available via TVE anymore? They all disappeared from my Channels guide. I updated to the newest Channels DVR version and rescanned, but those channels are not there anymore. What's up with this? Thanks.

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I only get the 3 (Nat Geo, A&E, and Fox News) with Sling Blue. But according to the info posted on Sling's web site there should be a lot more. See Available TV Everywhere Apps | Sling TV Help.

Yeah, I used to get Fox News and the rest. But I cancelled my Sling subscription for a few months, and now that I'm back, I can't get any of the Fox channels (except for the free Fox Weather) on Channels anymore.

I'm the only one with this issue?

According to this, they should work

Click on a Check Availability link for one of them and see if the Network website lets you login with your Sling credentials and stream it.
If that works, it's a problem with your Channels DVR server.
See TVE Troubleshooting tips

I've got a Sling TV Blue subscription entered as a source in my Channels DVR setup....

Right now, in the Sling app itself just via the internet (w/ no antenna), I get the local channels for ABC, NBC and Fox (because I'm in one of the select large metro market areas), the NFL Network, and a ton of other various cable and free stream channels.

However, within my Channels DVR setup, I get very little from Sling via TVE: My Fox local channel, nothing from my ABC or NBC locals, no NFL Network. Used to get USA Network, but it's now gone.

But I do get these other channels via Sling TVE in Channels DVR: FX, A&E, History, Lifetime, Nat Geo, and Fox News.

Along with a long list of lesser known channels that, if I understand right, are sourced from Channels DVR to me because I'm subscribed here and have a pay TV account?

All the TVE channels 6700 and up are included "freebies" no matter what provider you authenticate with. They are freely available without authenticating via a provider.

Sling has the worst TVE support among the supported providers. You can see the list supported by Channels DVR here Channels Support - TV Everywhere Availability

From About TV Everywhere

Thanks for the clarification about the Channels DVR-provided channels NOT requiring an external paid TV provider account! :blush:

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The Sling TV list you linked to in Support is less than useful, considering that virtually every potential channel on the list presented there is labeled with "Check Availability"

I understand that may be in part because Sling has two different service plans, Blue and Orange, with somewhat different channel lineups in each. But I believe there are at least a small set of common TVE channels available in BOTH plans that thus would be available to all Sling subscribers, AFAIK.

I find those lists useful. If you know how Channels DVR TVE works About TV Everywhere
Click each one to be taken to the Network website where Channels DVR gets its stream from, authenticate with your provider and see if it streams. If you can do that it should work using the same provider authentication in Channels DVR. If it fails, it won't work in Channels DVR.

I'm experiencing the same problem at the moment. I'm About to throw my arms up in the air. Although I can login on all other devices, just channels is having an issue.