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Here's a previous Vidgo thread Vidgo TVE Added

So I wander to the pinned Provider Topics area to post this under Vidgo and I don't see them listed in there. I could've sworn they were. Am I mistaken or were they removed from that area even though they appear as one ot the top choices on the TVE dropdown?

Per the title, I was also hoping someone might know what's up here. Vidgo has NFL Network and Redzone in the package I'm on, and I scanned the channels this weekend and saw it there. I could play NFL Network with the Vidgo app, but not via Channels. I rescanned and it didn't fix it. I removed and re-added Vidgo and it didn't either. I just checked again today and now NFL Network is working.

Any ideas as to how I might avoid running into this type of surprise "outage" going forward?

There is a fix in the prerelease

Just added

Woohoo! So I was able to pull the prerelease via the built in updater and it reported no error. NFL Network is still showing, as it was earlier today, but NFL Red Zone is nowhere to be found. NFLN should be 6191 and NFLRZ 6192, I believe. Not sure if that is helpful at all. Whatever the numbers, it isn't there.

Could be you can't authenticate with 6182-NFL RedZone HD until Sunday?
NFL RedZone Live

I was thinking so, but I can access that channel right now via the Vidgo app. It just gives the usual Redzone "Check back on Sunday" type of message they show the rest of the week. I'd think you could add it for that reason.

Can you access it via a web browser? That’s what channels uses. They may have a filler stream via their app that is not present on the website.

Unless things have changed...

Maybe they haven't, but I am able to access NFL Redzone via Vidgo using a web browser just fine. It does show the placeholder screen and play music as it always done when it isn't streaming live games, but Channels just isn't showing it. I guess I can wait until Sunday and try again but it seems odd, especially since it appears there may be a related issue: when I fired up NFL Network tonight in Channels I got a NFL Network Alt 1 channel screen though the guide shows a replay of the Patriots-Washington game on. If I go to Vidgo in the browser or app to watchi it, the game comes up just fine, but Channels is showing the Alt channel screen.

If following the link I posted doesn't convince you, try clicking this one.

And notice he rescanned the channel on a Sunday

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That's been reported as a separate issue

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