tvOS/iOS Beta Notes

This is the Channels for tvOS and iOS beta release notes thread.

As betas are published, their notes will be posted here. Follow along to see what has changed.


Improved: The app wasn’t always presenting all of the alternative versions when holding the Watch button

NEW: Browse channels’ shows, specials, and upcoming movies - Pick the channel cell in Guide, tap and hold to choose Browse Channel from On Now.

NEW: Remote Shortcut for toggling closed captions
IMPROVED: Video and audio quality info are now shown when watching live TV: IE, HD, Dolby Digital, Stereo, etc
IMPROVED: Adaptive bitrate improvements for better remote streaming with high packet loss
IMPROVED: Additional HLS stats on player stats view


• IMPROVED: Optimized HLS seeking and HLS caching
• IMPROVED: Added max cache size to stats overlay

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• FIXED: Items in a collection are no longer filtered based on Library Visibility


Improved: You can no longer remove content from a collection via the Collections picker if it was added to via a Smart Rule
Improved: Collections are are now sorted alphabetically in the Collections picker


• IMPROVED: Minor HLS optimizations

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• IMPROVED: Crash reporting

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Improved: Library Collection items get sorted based on their sort option now, and in real time!


Improved: Collections now respect the order direction their sort is set to


IMPROVED: Shows have unwatched count when showing in Collections
FIXED: On Later was not showing the right amount of Movies per row


• FIXED: Crash on iOS 15

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Crash fixes


• NEW - Redesigned search
• FIXED - Rows would sometimes unnecessarily reload when coming back to the app after leaving it


FIXED: TV Shows could not be opened from Collections


• NEW: Siri Shortcuts for iOS and iPadOS
Channels now has official Shortcut support. As you use Channels, it will hint to the system what you’re doing and Siri Intelligence will use that to offer suggestions like “Watch NBC” or “Watch Law & Order”. Additionally, you can make your own Shortcuts using these available actions:

• Show a section - Open the app to a specific section.
• Watch a Channel - Open and watch a specific channel.
• Watch a Show - Open a show’s view and optionally start the next watchable expisode.


• REMOVED: The Siri Shortcut feature has been removed. It will be back later even better.


• NEW: Siri Shortcuts for iOS and iPadOS
Create shortcuts that let you launch sections, shows, channels on your iOS device. Or launch them on another Channels client!